OMG, There Are Two New Girl Scout Cookies

As we usher in the new year, it makes complete and total sense that one of our most famous dessert institutions wants to create some special deliciousness for 2017! Cosmopolitan reports the Girl Scouts have announced the arrival of a new flavor, Girl Scouts S’mores. And even better, there are two new types of cookies: a chocolate-covered graham cookie, and a vegan graham cracker cookie with chocolate and marshmallow filling!

Created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of cookie sales, the s’mores cookies will join all your favorite staples from the Girl Scouts line. The company says the cookies will be available in the 2017 cookie season for all to enjoy.

According to TIME, Girl Scouts started their cookie selling tradition in 1917 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, from the inside of a high school cafeteria, and throughout the century, they have grown to earn hundreds of millions of dollars from cookies—which they use to support their programming for young girls.

So, if you made a resolution to become more charitable, Girl Scouts is giving you a chance to do so and earn a cookie in the process.