Coca-Cola Will Give You $10,000 If You Come Up With Their Next Flavor

Trying to find the funds for that music festival that you’re dying to go to? Well if you’re a certified soda mixologist, it might be an all-expenses-paid-for trip! Coca-Cola is currently holding a contest for all you carbonation fanatics and if you win, you could win $10,000. 

All you need to participate is a big sweet tooth, persistence, and a taste for flavor. You also need a Twitter or Instagram, and the perfect flavor combination. Here's the deal: You have to mix three beverages together at a Coke Freestyle machine, take a photo of your participating drinks, post it on your social, and make sure to add #MakeYourMix to the post.

I know as a kid, I would mix all of the soda flavors into one cup at restaurants and definitely thought I was a genius risk taker. In actuality, it probably tasted like an overly sweet disaster, but hey I guess I was on to something. I would suggest being somewhat discerning when choosing your allotted flavors, instead of letting loose as I did at 7-years-old without parental supervision at the Coke machine, but you do you! 

You better start pouring because the contest is capped on June 30 and all entries must be in by then!.In order to decide the best flavor concoction, Coca-Cola is deciding to run it as a democracy. The executives will taste all of the submissions (wouldn’t you love their job?) and then open it up to the United States. They will release the magic flavor combos in the Freestyle Machines and then it is up to all of us. The mixologist will earn a $10,000 check if it is their drink that wins over the competition with their excellent flavor profile. $10,000 is like the equivalent of one iced coffee every day for five years (not that I did the math or anything). The five runner-up’s will also be rewarded $100 each.

I am trying to think of any reason not to compete and I’ve come up empty (which is not how my bank account will be feeling after I win). Sugar and free money? Count me in. Let’s mix!