DoorDash & Chili's Are Bringing You A Brand New Deal For The Weekend

Dinner parties become ever more a thing of the past as restaurants remain closed for dine-in across much of the country and we continue to dine at home alone, or with only our roommates or families. I, for one, can't wait until my coworkers and I can go out for an impromptu dinner after work again, or to be able to have all my friends over for a take-out and movie night.  

Who knows when that day will come, but at least right now, thanks to Chili's and DoorDash, I can do my best to recreate one from my own isolation. For just $13, you can order a whole meal made of Chili’s fan favorites, from an app of Chips & Salsa to a variety of entrees with a Molten Chocolate Cake for desert. Plus, with the code CHILISWITHFRIENDS, you’ll get $3 off an order of $15 or more, making it a no-brainer for your roomies to join in, too.  

This #ComeBacktoMe Menu is inspired by Chantel Jeffries' new single, released alongside a star-studded virtual dinner party premier to benefit Feeding America, but "Come Back To Me" exactly encapsulates my feelings about dinner with my friends. 



This offer is available now through Sunday, May 17.