Attention Brooklynites! Tipsy Scoop is Offering Free Delivery on Gourmet, Ice Cream Cocktail Combos

If you happen to be practicing your social-distancing in the Williamsburg area, and if you happen to be of legal-drinking age, and if you happen to enjoy a drink (or several) every now and again, I have some excellent news for you. Tipsy Scoop, a boozy cult foodie venue and creator of craft cocktails combined with ice creams and sorbets, is currently offering $10 ice cream cocktails and floats for take-out or free delivery from its Brooklyn 'barlour' every day. Plus, each cocktail order comes with a surprise snack! Hell yeah. 


In addition to the ice cream cocktails, Tipsy Scoop also offers several ice cream and sorbet flavors–all of which contain up to 5% alcohol–ice cream cakes and sandwiches, and little bites like pretzels and pizza bagels. Not able to get into the city any time soon? You could still be in luck–find out which retailers near you carry Tipsy Scoop pints!