8 Valentine’s Day Gifts to DIY For Your Friends

Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends are so underrated, but a holiday celebrating love can be commemorated with thoughtful presents for everyone in your life, regardless of relationship status! Whether you're giving a physical gift or an experience, Valentine’s gifts provide your BFFs with a reminder of your amazing frienships. Since the holiday season may have put a dent in your wallet, here are some fun do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gift ideas to liven up your Galentine’s celebration! 

  1. 1. Plant a succulent in a mug

    Plants are all the rage right now, and there are so many DIYs involving them. Find some mugs that your BFFs will love, but instead of filling them with coffee – odds are your friends already have their go-to morning mug – use it as a planter for a succulent. Not only is this a great decor piece, but you can personalize it to each of your friends by decorating the mug or switching out the plants!

    If you need a place to start, check out these super cute ceramic mugs from Urban Outtfitters, $10. 

  2. 2. Craft a photo album

    We need to bring photo albums back. They're a wholesome, personal gift that you can keep forever, and there are so many opportunities to make one that's ten times cuter than the ones you made when you were younger.

    For example, you can subsitute printed photos for polaroid pictures or play around with different filters to add some color. Try adding some stickers or patches to create a page that looks like it’s straight out of a Pinterest board!

    An option for those that are less crafty is to create a photo book on Shutterfly. This is a more user-friendly option for those who are not as comfortable with crafting! 

  3. 3. Put together a winter survival kit

    Some of the best gifts are ones that you can use ASAP! Simply collecting winter-themed items like fuzzy socks, hot chocolate mix, candles and face masks can make for the perfect seasonal starter pack for anyone. Arrange all of these items into a basket with a personalized card and you have a cute, practical gift! 

  4. 4. Make a personalized phone case

    Everyone needs a phone case, so why not get creative and make one yourself!? Take a Polaroid or print a picture of you and a friend and stick it on a clear phone case with some glitter or stickers, or use your artistic skills (if you have them) to doodle your friend’s favorite things all over it. Now your friends will have a constant reminder of your friendship that's also functional!

  5. 5. Throw a tie-dye party

    This is a huge trend in the fashion world right now. Tie-dying is super fun, and it’s also a great option if you need to make multiple gifts for different people, since none of the dyed items will end up the same! You can tie-dye almost anything: hoodies, t-shirts, blankets, socks, scrunchies and more! Experiment with different colors to really create a one-of-a-kind look!

    Tie-dying is an interactive activity that is perfect for any Galentine's celebration, and the big reveal for your final products can be made even more exciting via Zoom. 

  6. 6. Organize a paint and sip night

    Paint and sip nights have become extremely popular recently, but you typically have to pay to attend one. If you're of age, send all of your BFFs their favorite bottle of wine and selection of paints, brushes and canvasses. Find a photo of a painting or a YouTube tutorial that captures your interest, screenshare it on your Galentine's Zoom call, and try to mimic it as best as you can. Play your favorite music or podcast to add to the overall chill vibe. 

  7. 7. Decorate cookies

    Name an activity that's more fun than decorating cookies – I’ll wait. Decorating cookies for each of your friends based on their personal styles is such a creative gift, and you can even go the extra mile and make sugar cookies from scratch using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to enhance the theme of the night. 

  8. 8. Make friendship bracelets

    Having matching friendship bracelets with your BFFs is one of the cutest things you can do, and there's lots of room for creativity. Experiment with different bead colors, shapes and sizes to create a modern and trendy version of the bracelets we made in the early 2000s. These gifts can be made in advance, or with your friends as a cute activity during your Galentine's Day bash! 

Presents don’t need to be expensive; all that matters is that a lot of love is put into them. Valentine's day can either be a fantastic or not so fantastic day, and a thoughtful gift is a great way to ensure that all of your friends have a happy day filled with love! 

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