Your Cult-Favorite Anthropologie Candle Is 30% Off Right Now

Staying home all the time (you're staying home all the time, right?) means burning through my candles faster than ever before. I've gone through every single seasonal scent, and random ones I found in my vanity — like the "happy birthday" candle my mom sent to me two years ago. Candles calm me, and I like to have them lit at all times, whether I'm working or binge-watching Tiger King. It's typically not ideal for my wallet, but fortunately Capri Blue is having an epic sale with 30 percent off everything if you use the code ICONIC30.

ICYMI: Capri Blue makes Volcano, the Anthro cult-favorite, and what I consider to be the only candle scent that matters. So, yes, what I'm saying is you can get your Anthropologie favorite for $21 instead of $32. Here, I've rounded up my recent order, which includes some v. cute Capri Blue exclusives. 

  1. 1. Dual Tone Petite Jar, $16

    Originally $24, this pink and orange jar is everything I didn't know I needed. Shop now!

  2. 2. Rainbow Signature Watercolor Jar, $22

    Originally $32, I don't think I could look at this colorful candle and not feel joy for, like, at least two seconds. Shop now!

  3. 3. Gilded Faceted Jar, $28

    Originally $40, this 11 oz. candle doubles as chic decor that can live on even when the candle burns out. Shop now! 

Bonus: It's free shipping over $50, so, yeah, don't miss out.