BUY IT NOW, OR CRY LATER: Fleshpot, Dry Shampoo & More College Girl Festival Essentials

Meet Buy It Now, Or Cry Later, our monthly roundup of cute, chic, funny, or just truly essential things our editors are buying right now. Because we like to shop, and you like to shop, so let's shop together, shall we? RIP to our bank accounts. This time around, enjoy our special festival edition.

  1. Cicacream is a big deal, and with good reason. It helps save your face from the garbage that is the outdoors, especially during festivals, which tend to be dusty, dirty, and just not at all good for your face. It also helps with redness, and is a great replacement for your full face of makeup so you can live your life with just a bit of coverage. Just don't forget your SPF. Rachel, Senior Editor

  2. My mom gifted me this serum during Christmas, along with the accompanying jade roller, and I seriously can't believe there was a time that I lived without it. My problem with serums and moisturizers is how greasy it leaves me feeling, especially if I'm leaving the house immediately after applying. This regernating serum gives a dewy — not greasy — base to my skin and I'm #blessed to have it in my skincare routine now. — Felicity, Assistant Editor

  3. This is the only dry shampoo I've ever owned that's actually made my hair feel clean. When you're spending a long festival weekend in the middle of a field, sweating in the sun, with no access to a shower for like three days, it's worth it to splurge on a dry shampoo that does more. Overall, it's just super absorbent and will keep your hair from being a smelly, oily mess. — Gina, Beauty Editor

  4. This is a vegan, alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray. And I freaking love it. I hate hand sanitizer because it's goopy and it burns and it always tries to smell good but obviously doesn't. This hand sanitizer smells like nothing, it is super travel friendly and it's perfect for festival season. It takes no thought and then your hands are clean and you can eat food truck food without getting a weird disease, or waiting in some gross bathroom. Rachel, Senior Editor

  5. So, I caved and finally bought barettes that look exactly like the ones I happily retired during my high school years. Honestly, I have no regrets — these clips are super fun and add a retro touch to any look. — Felicity, Assistant Editor

  6. These cashew and coconut cookies are super minimalist in terms of ingredients. I'm not even a big coconut person, but I live for them. Cookies, but less sugar? I'm down. Rachel, Senior Editor

  7. 7. Fleshpot, $20

    My festival makeup this year is all about ~sexy shine~, and this gloss is something I literally can put all over my eyes and cheeks. It's like highlighter, but so much dewier, which is exactly the kind of extra I'm going for. — Gina, Beauty Editor

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