Back To School

Getting into the swing of school can be a challenge especially when all you have done all break is lay in bed and binged watched Netflix. We all make promises to ourselves that we are going to try our hardest when it comes to the upcoming semester. Here are some tips that can help you succeed this semester:

1.      Get a planner

Writing out what time you have your classes and specific dates such as assignment due dates, quizzes, or exams can make your adjustment back to classes easier. By writing everything out it will help you stay more organized and prevent you from missing important due dates or meetings.

2.      Know where your classes are

Instead of frantically trying to find the right classroom five minutes before your class begins, find out what building your classes are in and go explore the day before class begins. Not only will you know the location of the room, but you will be able to get a feel of how big the classroom is and pick where you want to sit prior to the first day.

3.      Get to know your professors

Getting to know your professors is a major benefit. If you know your professors, they will help you to succeed in the class. It may be annoying when they call on you everyday, but in the long run you will know the material better than the rest of your classmates. By getting to know your professors it will also benefit you when you need a letter of recommendation.

4.      Plan times to study

By planning specific times to study it will be easier for you to get motivated to study. Ask your friends when they have free time and plan an hour or two everyday where you can meet at the library or a study room.

5.      Set certain days and times to workout

Everyone probably made a New Year’s resolution to workout more. If you plan in an hour a day or every other day to workout it will help you to become more motivated to go to the gym. 20 minutes a day is a good start and will not be too overwhelming if you are just beginning.

6.      Develop heathier eating habits

If you develop better eating habits it will make you feel better overall and give you enough energy to stay focused.