8 Free Things To Do This 4th of July

Celebrating Independence Day is an American rite of passage. Who doesn't love to put on that cute American flag crop top and head to the beach for some fireworks? Free things are all around you and you may not even realize it, so we made a little list!

1. Fireworks

Do we really even need to explain why these are great? So patriotic and beautiful! 

2. Festivals/Carnivals


These are always fun because you can take a group, go on some rides and eat some fried food, or just walk around and hang out! Totally free!

3. Boardwalks/Beaches 


Most all beaches will have fireworks, so kill two birds with one stone! And if you have a boardwalk, a beach and fireworks, you're really ahead of the game!

4. Barbecues 


We know going to your neighbors with your parents might not be your ideal July 4th experience, but it's free food and drinks! Maybe even convince your parents to throw a little shindig and invite some of your friends and family!

5. Lakes

If you aren't near a beach, head out to your local lake! And if you're in a safe zone (and a state where fireworks are legal) ask someone with experience to let off some fireworks over the lake! 

6. Cities

If you're lucky enough to live by a city, hit the local hot spots and enjoy being an American with everyone else! Bar hopping or just roaming around (the free part), we guarantee you will have fun!

7. Macy's Fireworks


If you don't feel like going out, there's an amazing fireworks display right on your TV! Watch the Macy's fireworks display and feel that American pride right from home!

8. Parades

There are so many parades showing off our American pride, find out where the closest one is to you!

Americans are unlike any other, so this Fourth of July, show off your pride any (free) way you want to!