The 7 Most Unusual Hotels in the World

We're all familiar with the Marriott, but do they have beds of ice or rooms located in mines? We don't think so. Here are seven of the weirdest, most unique hotels in the world to make your travels a little more interesting!

1. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite – Vastmanland, Sweden

This hotel is not for the claustrophobic! At about 500 feet underground, this one-room hotel was hewn from the rock that was carved out by 18th-century silver miners. Upon check-in, a guide gives a brief tour of the mine and leaves guests to endure the chilly temperature underground.

2. Wanderlust Hotel – Singapore

Wanderlust is an experimental boutique hotel set to draw in curious travelers to its doorstep. The hotel, located in Little India, has four thematic levels of 29 rooms created by award-winning Singapore design agencies. Each group was given full creative freedom when designing their portion of the hotel.

3. La Villa Hamster – Nantes, France

Oddly enough, the name explains it all. Guests of this one-room hotel receive hamster masks at check-in, and once inside they only drink dispensed water, sleep on haystacks and use a bathroom covered in wood chips. The centerpiece, of course, is a giant hamster wheel.

4. Seaventures Dive Resort – Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

This hotel resort is a scuba diver’s dream. An elevator lowers divers from the elevated hotel to the water below where they can explore reefs – and all dives are included in the cost of their stay. The hotel also offers live bands and BBQ nights.

5. La Balade des Gnomes – Durbuy, Belgium

This hotel design draws from myths and fairy tales to create 10 fantastical guest rooms. Each has its own theme, from mythical creatures like fairies and gnomes to fairy tales themselves.

6. Icehotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Yes, this is what you think it is – a hotel made of ice. The Icehotel is a great way to experience the (chilly) activities that Sweden has to offer, like snowmobiling, wilderness camping, skiing and experiencing the Northern Lights.

7. TreeHouse Point – Issaquah, Washington, USA

Located 30 minutes from Seattle in the beautiful forest beside the Raging River, TreeHouse Point offers their guests a new perspective – literally. Guests stay in one of the eight bed-and-breakfast-like hotels in large tree houses to become more intimate with nature on their vacation getaway.


If your travels aren't interesting enough, consider staying a night at one of these crazy hotels! These are just seven that we found - there are tons more hotels with odd locations and interesting themes!