7 Easy & Ethical Holiday Gift Ideas for Your "Hard to Shop For" Friends

Gift-giving. The best and worst part of the holidays for some. Sometimes it’s easy to come up with a gift straight off the bat; something the recipient has mentioned, or that you know they will love. Then there are those gifts where you get stuck — the relative you haven’t seen since you were a baby or the fifth cousin twice removed who is suddenly coming to Christmas dinner. 

While coming up with holiday gift ideas may cost you time and money, it shouldn’t have to cost the earth! With every purchase for your loved ones (or yourself!), there is an opportunity to change our planet. Ethical gift-giving benefits everyone from small businesses, workers in developing countries and the environment. Everyone has the responsibility to be a responsible consumer and know where their purchases come from, and what that purchase contributes to. For every person you are buying gifts for this festive season, there’s always a great ethical and eco-friendly option. Read on for suggestions that are easy for your gift shopping list and easy on your conscience, too!

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  1. 1. For the baker in your life

    Baker’s Dozen Gift Set 

    Seed & Sprout, Seed & Sprout website, $175, shop here

    What better gift for the baker in your life than a baking set? Complete with reusable baking mats, reusable muffin cups, storage containers and a cute little gift bag to package it all in, this is perfect for all holiday baking adventures and stopping single-use plastics clogging up the earth. This item also comes with free shipping, which will definitely make it an easier option for online gift shopping over Christmas!

  2. 2. For the homebody

    Fairtrade Salmon Leather Slippers

    Chilote Shoes, Chilote Shoes website, $80, shop here

    The homebody in your life could probably use another pair of slippers. Not because they need them, but because they’re so comfortable for lounging around the house (which we’re all doing a bit more of in quarantine). And these are the perfect pair! They are 100 percent handcrafted by women in Patagonia using locally sourced sheep’s wool and up-cycled salmon leather. Slippers with a story? They’re going to love it!

  3. 3. For the fashionista

    Cork Crossbody Bag

    Jord, Jord website, $79, shop here

    A gorgeous new crossbody bag for the fashion lovers in your life! Each bag is made with vegan leather and premium Portuguese cork leather for an ethical touch, and each purchase comes gift-wrapped with its own dust bag. Present bought and already wrapped? Another gift to tick off the list!

  4. 4. For the foodie

    Ethical Food Connect Hamper

    Food Connect, Food Connect website, $70, shop here 

    Food for the foodie, who would have thought? Seeing as all of the food in their hampers are organically and sustainably made and sourced, the taste is sure to be out of this world! What feels (and tastes) better than thinking about your planet and getting a great gift for the one you love?

  5. 5. For the coffee lover

    The Christmas Coffee Gift Set 

    TheHorseTrailer, Etsy, $38, shop here 

    This set contains a selection of ethically sourced coffees, complete with a side of fudge and information on the brews and how to best make them. The set comes gift-wrapped and can be customized with unique items and wrapping. And in shopping on Etsy, you’re also supporting a small business and keeping your money out of the big corporations. Ethical gifts have never been made so easy!

  6. 6. For the gym junkie

    Recycled High-Rise Legging

    Girlfriend Collective, Girlfriend Collective website, $78, shop here

    A good pair of leggings is a staple in any gym-goer’s wardrobe. Why not gift them the best pair they’ll ever have? These leggings and all activewear by Girlfriend is made from recycled or eco-friendly materials, and are size-inclusive for anyone who goes to the gym. There is a range of colors to choose from so you can find the pair that suits them best. Another bonus? Free shipping. Gift shopping done for the gym-goer in your life.

  7. 7. For the workaholic

    Handmade Ceramic Phone Stand and Planter

    CeramMolodyk, Etsy, $59, shop here

    A new addition for the workaholic’s desk! Not only is this a sweet spot for a little succulent, but the planter comes with a built-in phone stand. Supporting local business and the use of sustainable materials makes this the eco-conscious choice for your workaholic.

The list above gives you plenty of ideas and inspiration for everyone you might need to shop for in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. Gifts that you give have the opportunity to not only brighten the receiver’s day, but make a difference to the world around you, so gift-shop wisely!

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