The 6 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Long gone are the days of browsing (aka waiting for the page to load) on Internet Explorer. Look around during lecture or the next time you hit the library, and you’ll see—Google Chrome has taken over. And if you haven’t already caught on to using the thousands of Chrome extensions available, you’re definitely missing out. Extensions are free programs that you can download from the Chrome Web Store to personalize your Internet experience. Say adios to boring browsing, collegiettes! We found the coolest, craziest and most helpful Google Chrome extensions for you to try.

1. Hey Girl

Admit it: your Pinterest boards are already teeming with photos of this hottie with a body, so why not make things a little easier for yourself? When you download Hey Girl and press the heart at the top of your screen, every image on the site you’re browsing will magically turn into one of Ryan Gosling (no complaints here). Are you tired of seeing couple-y photos on Facebook? Wish they would just go away? Hey Girl can fix that. One review claims, “Not bad, but there is still not enough Gosling on my pages.” The truth is, we can never get enough Ryan Gosling, but hopefully this will suffice for now.  

2. 3Dnator

Instead of paying outrageous amounts of money to see a 3D movie (that barely looks anything like anything 3D), you can now turn any image into a three-dimensional masterpiece right from your own desk. Unfortunately, 3Dnator isn’t compatible with videos (yet), but it’s still worth the download for study procrastination! 3D glasses are not included, so you may have to snag a pair from the movie theater anyways. According to the Chrome Store, more than 85,000 people have downloaded this boredom-relieving extension to date.

3. Snow

Staring at a screen during hour-long study sessions can get tiring, so sometimes it’s fun to switch it up. If it’s time to spruce up your browsing, or if you’re just in need of entertainment, Snow is a great extension to try. When you download this extension, your computer will transform into your own personal winter wonderland just with the click of a button! For those collegiettes who can’t wait for wintertime to roll around, you can let it “Snow” any time and anywhere.