4 Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Phone Awesome

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As busy collegiettes, we wouldn’t know how to survive without our smartphones in hand – they just make life so much easier! Here are a few services and apps that will make your smartphone even cooler.

1. Make your phone water resistant.

Constantly getting your phone wet? With HZO’s “WaterBlock” technology, you can make any smartphone resistant to water. You just give them your smartphone and they apply a special liquid-repelling coating to it. Your phone will be protected even if it is fully dunked in water. Goodbye, soaking your cell phone in rice!

2. Get free mobile service anywhere.

Sick of paying such a huge phone bill? Scratch Wireless is changing the wireless game by offering free mobile service for all of your Instagram, Snapchat and Candy Crush needs! If you buy one of Scratch’s Android smartphones, you're good to go for free wherever there is Wi-Fi (and on your college campus, that’s pretty much everywhere).

If you need to make a call or surf the web and there's no Wi-Fi nearby, you can just buy a pass, and for as little as $1.99, you can jump on the cellular network (provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network) and do what you need to without a contract or any obligations.

The best part: texting is always free even if you’re off of Wi-Fi, so you’re always in touch—a must-have if you’re heading abroad! Get started with Scratch Wireless here.

3. Create contact-specific ringtones.

Sick of having the same boring ringtone for all of your contacts? By using the app Ringtone Manager Pro, you can create new, custom ringtones for everyone in your contact list, from that cute guy from your chem lab to your scary landlord.

4. Display the weather report on your lock screen.

Always checking the weather report first thing in the morning? Get easy access on your default screen with the free iPhone app Weather Lock Screen. You’ll never get caught in the rain again!


What are your favorite ways to upgrade your smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!