23 Things Only Girls Who Live in Sweatpants Will Understand

Anyone with a crazy college schedule knows that, sometimes, comfort has to come before fashion. And that’s where sweatpants come in! If you live your life in sweatpants, here are 23 things that you will definitely understand.

You consider yourself dressed-up when you wear joggers.

They’re a ~fancy~ type of sweatpants.

It is possible to look put-together while wearing sweats. 

A cute pair of slip ons, a leather jacket, and some stylish joggers are the key.

You literally never feel uncomfortable.

And this is the best feeling in the world.

You still wear huge sweatpants in the dead of summer.

You may be sweating like crazy, but at least you’re comfy.

People automatically assume you’re just lazy.

*frustrated sigh*

But actually you’re too busy to wear anything more “fashionable”.

Comfort over style all day, every day. 

You’re always ready for an impromptu nap.


Someone just give you a pillow, and you and your sweatpants will be off to dreamland.

You hate it when people tell you to “dress appropriately” for something.

As if sweatpants can’t be business casual.

Men’s sweatpants offer a whole new level of comfort.

There’s so much extra space!

You have complete flexibility in sweatpants.

You never know when you’ll have to do the splits.

You totally wear sweatpants to sleep in and then wear them to class the next day.

Hey, it’s convenient.

You absolutely loathe jeans.

Who in the world would come up with a piece of clothing that’s so restricting?

Leggings are you second-favorite type of pants. 

They feel like sweatpants, but look so much more chic.

You wish Uggs were still in fashion because they look great with sweatpants.

Plus they’re the comfiest boots in the world. 

You love that you can fall asleep in your day-wear.

No one knows if you slept in this outfit or not last night.

Packing sweatpants is not easy because they’re so bulky.

But you have to be comfortable while traveling!

Walmart sweatpants are literally the best things ever.

They’re comfy and cheap- which means you can buy even more!

You feel bad whenever you need to throw old sweatpants away.

They might have a hole, but they’re still wearable… kind of.

No one knows how much food you ate in sweatpants.

Who cares how much you ate anyways!

You can eat all you want because the waistband never feels to tight.

Because food is priority.

You could never date someone who hated you in sweatpants.

They have to love you for the real you.

It is totally possible to feel sexy in sweatpants.

It’s got an effortless look to it, without being too grungy.

You feel sorry for people who don’t like to wear sweatpants.

They just don’t know what they’re missing.


Honestly, wearing sweatpants is a lifestyle that everyone should lead. Nothing can beat the comfort and convenience of a good old pair of sweatpants. And, with the right pair of sweatpants, you can still totally looked put together.