20 Signs You're About to Graduate

As hard as we may pretend that it isn't happening, graduation is coming—and it's coming fast. The big day is just around the corner, and it has somehow taken control of everything we do, feel and think. Whatever your plans may be for when the day finally arrives, here are a few signs that you're one of many collegiettes about to take the "under" out of "undergraduates." 

Every person you come in contact with asks you, "Are you ready to graduate?" 

Followed, of course, by the dreaded: "So, what are your plans after graduation?" 

It takes all of your willpower not to scream in response, and you sort of hate everyone who asks them.

You now spend hours updating your resume and LinkedIn, trying desperately to make yourself look like the most appealing potential employee on the market. 

The time you used to spend going out and binge-watching Netflix is now almost entirely spent applying to every job opening you can find. 

Remember back when your student loan debt was just a distant, vague worry for "Future You" to figure out? And how you just realized you'll have to start paying them in six months? Yeah.

So now here you are, strictly watching your spending and putting together payment plans. 

Well… When you aren't out celebrating being so close to graduation with your friends, that is. 

"Senioritis," by the way, is totally real. When's the last time you went to class? 

Or checked your grades? 

The closer you get to graduation, the more freaked out you get about your future. 

And you are SO envious of your friends who already have their post-grad plans all figured out. 

Thank goodness you have your other friends (who also don't have it figured out yet) to comfort you. 

You remind yourself how great you are and how much you've learned in college. You know you're going to be okay. 

You have sudden mood swings, specifically when you get excited about how many different things you could do if you wanted to. The world is your oyster! You can be anything you want to be!

You remind yourself that you've made it through four years of challenging undergraduate coursework. You made it through internships and campus jobs and dorm life and dining hall food. You're amazing! 

Yes, you're a little stressed. 

But you're also SO excited! 

Graduation is happening! To you! Finally! 

Take a deep breath and celebrate your achievements. Congratulations, grad!