19 Signs You Studied Abroad In Australia

Sometimes you struggle to realize the best time of your life was not a figment of your imagination. That uncontrollable bliss and happiness was real on the complete opposite side of the world. Whether you were kickin’ it in the bush or the city sights surrounded you, a piece of your spirit is still roaming in Australia. To bring you back to reality, here are 19 funny and assuring signs that you definitely did study abroad in the magical land down unda. 

1. Everyday is a second chance...

To eat Tim-Tams again. Target, America salutes you.

2. You still don’t know why that “rock” is so famous. 

3. You had to constantly control your cursing after arriving back home.

4. Your bucket list is more complete than the average human's:

Skydive: Check.

Scuba dive: Check.

Bungee jump: Check. 

5.  Your mom still has your clichéd pictures on display that look like this:

6. You sarcastically giggle during your 25 degree winters at home because you complained during Australia’s horrendous 65 degree winter. 

7. You tell everyone you can surf… 

But in reality, you really just attended the infamous weekend destination called Surf Camp consisting of:

  • Avoiding bluebottle jellyfish
  • Falling off your surfboard numerous times
  • Making sure you photograph the one time you stood up on the surfboard. (For the 'gram, you know)
  • Flirting with your Aussie surfer dude instructors
  • Dancing in the sand while double fisting goon bags

8. You never take free ketchup packets for granted. 

R.I.P. spare Australian coins. 

9. If you made it out of the country without a tattoo, you pretty much beat teenage pregnancy.

If not, then CHEERS, MATE! 

10. You don’t even flinch when driving through a roundabout. 

11. You are #blessed because GOON.

You’re baffled you survived your entire life without this symbolic and celebrated bagged beverage.

You have a mental Pinterest board of this boxed wine’s purposes and uses.

You will forever reminisce about times you bonded with goon. 

12. But now you struggle to digest any other alcoholic beverage... 

13. You feel compelled to prove everyone wrong about Australian stereotypes.

No one drinks Fosters, and no one puts shrimp on the barbie. 

14. You still partake in your usual daily Starbucks runs.

But you yearn to be sitting down enjoying a quality flat white with some brekkie on the side.

15. You also learned the hard way that a REAL macchiato comes in a Dixie Cup.

16. You know nothing could be more annoying than those birds that woke you up every morning.

They obviously did not empathize with the amount of goon you consumed every night. 

17. You have established statements on plenty of animals.

For instance, spiders like to wake up where you are.

Koalas are actually evil.

Kangaroos are cute (and good on a piece of bread).

18. When you think of Cairns you automatically think of Gilligan’s, not the Great Barrier Reef. 

19. Some might say your priorities are messed up, but you still consider going to the beach as a valid excuse to skip class. 

A pop of petrol, a pit stop at Macca’s and less than 20 minutes later you were submerged in the water. Sigh.