18 Struggles That Are WAY Too Real When You Have #NoFilter

Having a lack of a filter is something most people will never have to experience, but for those of us with this particular affliction, life can get pretty messy pretty quickly. People either love it or hate it, but either way they're just going to have to deal with it. If you have no filter, here are 18 struggles you most likely face on a daily basis.

1. People tend to make one of these faces when something comes out of your mouth

2. And you contemplate if you should apologize but usually don’t

3. Your friends know what is going on in your head pretty much 24/7

4. Even if they would rather not...

5. It's just that you feel like you're lying if you don’t state every thought that goes through your head

6. Because every single one is so important to be said out loud

7. People think you're a bitch because you're not afraid to tell them when you disagree

8. But you know it's really just that you say what everyone else is already thinking

9. You’ve never understood the phrase “socially acceptable”

10. Nor that there is “a time and a place for everything”

11. You're the first one everyone comes to for advice because your friends know you’ll tell them what everyone else is afraid to

12. Your friends gesture to you when they see you beginning to form a thought about somebody else present

13. But that rarely stops you…

14. They have learned to make excuses to people to save themselves

15. You find that there is a lot you can get out of by just saying your actual thoughts sarcastically

16. You have no patience for people who get offended easily

17. You walk a fine line between being offensive and lovably blunt on a daily basis

18. Although people may think you are rude and insensitive, for the most part you're just completely misunderstood