16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Being a Woman

Twitter pretty much acts like the snarky BFF you always secretly wanted. It's so easy to find tweets that you completely identify with as much as Blair Waldorf identifies with plaid—especially when the tweets are about womanhood. Here's a list of the 16 best tweets that sum up the complicated, yet non-monolithic journey of the female individual.

1. The gender gap is all too real

2. Because mansplaining never gets old

3. We all have that one deal-breaker

4. How hard is it to understand that some jokes just aren't funny??

5. Priorities

6. My makeup, my problem

7. Some things just require dedication

8. The "s" word dilemma is all too real

9. Just let me eat my [insert food here] in peace

10. Which mood you catch us in depends on you

11. We can't live up to the world's expectations, only our own

12. Having money is truly a thing of beauty

13. Our confidence can go on a rollercoaster ride

14. Some things just aren't fair

15. Beauty should be a two-way street

16. You truly support other women