15 Signs You Have Absolutely No Plans to Do Anything Productive

What's the point of doing homework and exercising when you could get through a whole season of Gossip Girl, eat five bags of cookies and sleep for three hours? Now that sounds like real productivity. Here are 15 signs your plans are probably the same.  

1. Your favorite kind of plan is doing nothing whatsoever

2. You've been awake for a couple of hours but don't move from your bed

3. You open the Facebook app more than five times in only a couple of minutes 

4. No amount of doing nothing seems to be enough 

5. You literally watch all the movies you can in one sitting 

6. Meeting up with friends seems like too much effort 

7. You can sense the responsibilities building up, but you keep ignoring them

8. You plan on doing nothing but watching dog videos all day 

9. You download the most random games on your phone and play for hours 

10. You stalk people on Instagram until you find their very first post 

11. You stare at all the apps on your phone until you decide to just take a nap 

12. You tell yourself you're just going to chill all day because you deserve it

13. You decide not to put pants on

14. You find any excuse to get out of doing work 

15. You keep telling yourself you'll do it later