The 10 Cutest iPhone Cases for Back to School

Heading back to school means a new wardrobe, but your phone needs a makeover, too! Check out Her Campus’s favorite iPhone cases for the back-to-school season. We wish we could have them all!

1. Belkin – Lego Builder Case, $39.99

Take us back to kindergarten, please! This iPhone 5 case is adorable, and it can attach to actual Lego pieces!

2. Agent18 – Chevron Case, $19.99

We love this bold chevron pattern, and the coral color is perfect for the fall.

3. Agent18 – Vintage Floral Case, $19.99

The painted vintage roses on this case are just subtle enough to keep it from being over the top, and also give it a romantic feel.

 4. Agent 18 – Velocity Case, $14.99 

This bright pink case is both cheaper than the other ones on this list and highly functional. The medical-grade silicone material keeps your iPhone from slipping on hard surfaces.

5. Agent 18 – Shock Hybrid Case, $29.99

We love the minimalistic design of this case. The case also includes both a hard plastic shell and a silicone casing to protect your phone.