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Your Life Needs the Most Stuf Oreos—Here’s How to Get Them

Most Stuf Oreos are here, and they are taking the Oreo cookie to new heights. Literally. Just look at the sheer amount of delicious creme on that cookie!

After Mondelez confirmed in October that it would be releasing the Most Stuf Oreo — an Oreo with three times the creme than a traditional Oreo — it looks like the cookie has officially hit shelves.

According to TODAY, the new Oreo cookie was spotted in stores, and to say that they are monstrous is an understatement.

Munchie Bunchie, a Los Angeles-based food news source, located the Most Stuf Oreos at a Target in West Hollywood, California and at a Rite Aid in Beverly Hills, and said they highly recommend the latest Oreos “if you love the stuf!”

However, it appears that these Oreos are not nationwide just yet.

Instagram account Cravings Hunter snagged two packages of the Most Stuf Oreos for $6 at a Rite Aid in Long Island, New York, and Instagrammer Snackstalker has to scout seven to eight East Coast Rite Aid stores before locating the Most Stuf Oreos, TODAY reports.

According to Delish, the Oreos can be found on Walmart’s website, but it looks like you’ll have to stop in store to pick them up since shipping isn’t available.

But with the arrival of the Most Stuf cookies, Oreo is launching “The Stuf Inside,” promotion. Starting February 4th, you can “scan” your Most Stuf Oreos on the website for a chance to win some awesome prices. According to an Oreo rep, the prizes include, but are not limited to, “an OREO-tricked-out Jeep Wrangler, an OREO iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum, an OREO K2 Snowboard, OREO X Grado headphones, an OREO print by Gray Malin and an OREO cookie Jar by Jonathan Adler,” Delish reports. 

image via The Stuf Inside

Despite all of the delicious flavors Oreo has made it the past, it definitely seems like these Oreos are the Most awesome. (See what I did there?)

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