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What Your Most Commonly Used Emoji Says About You

Texting in the year 2015 is virtually unfeasible without the world’s most popular emoticon—the emoji. This international sensation has not only become commonplace in modern communication, it has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another—so much so that Oxford Dictionary named the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji as the 2015 Word of The Year. Emojis have undoubtedly been embraced as a nuanced form of expression, and while a picture may say a thousand words, an emoji is far more telling. What does your most commonly used emoji say about you?

1. The “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji

As the 2015 word of the year, this emoji has become the modern day “LOL,” breaking language barriers everywhere to portray something with serious comedic value. Is this one of your most frequently used emojis? You’re not alone—about 20 percent of all emoji use in 2015 was of this emoji alone. Habitual users of this emoji know the importance of a good laugh, and believe in not taking life too seriously, regardless of the circumstances.

2. The “Heart Eyes” emoji

This emoji is perfect for the person who falls head-over-heels for everyone and everything. Frequent users of this emoji may be easy to please, but make no mistake—their amiable attitude and puppy-dog eyes are their trick to getting their way.

3. The “Unamused” emoji

Rather than a face of despair or anger, this emoji is unmistakably used to portray dissatisfaction. With its blatant eye roll and slight dash of disappointment, this emoji is the go-to for those who are “so done” with everything.

4. The “Smirking Face” emoji

With its multiple connotations, this sly-smiled emoji is arguably the most flirty and devilish emoji out there. Designed to create social awkwardness, this precarious emoji was adopted by Snapchat to express that you are the particular contact’s Best Friend. However he or she is not your Best Friend. This emoji goes much deeper than simply Snapchat though—users who frequent this emoji are cunning, mischievous and daring, to say the least.

5. The “Kissing Face” emoji

Fun and flirty or sweet and endearing, the “kissing face” emoji is a fan favorite that can be as potentially flirtatious as it is innocuous. Kissing face emoji fans have mastered the art of being affectionate, without being overly emotional.

6. The “Sobbing” emoji

The quintessential emoji of college life, the “sobbing” emoji is indicative of the trials and tribulations of everyday life—frequent users of this emoji are no strangers to situational irony, as they often turn to the comedic relief of emoticons to mask their shortcomings.

7. The “Raised Hands” emoji

As the universal emoji for the celebration of success, the “raised hands” emoji has been used everywhere to celebrate mighty and minor victories alike. Frequent users of this emoji are optimists, who seek the silver lining, and a reason to raise their hands in every situation.

8. The “Praying Hands” emoji

Used more often to express gratitude and count blessings than in an actual religious context, the “praying hands” emoji is often used to supplement the infamous term #blessed in efforts to describe how truly blessed you are. Those who often use the praying hands emoji understand that things are often not in our control, and are left to prayers and luck instead. This emoji is the closest way of saying “fingers crossed!”

9. The “Information Desk Person” emoji

Believe it or not, the hand of the girl in this emoji is positioned to expresses helpfulness, as if to ask “how may I help you?” Somehow, American culture has transformed the seemingly innocuous “information desk person” emoji into a sassy, feminine icon used to proclaim fabulousity. Frequent users of this emoji are known for their unapologetic sarcasm and enviable self-confidence. *Flips hair*

10. The “Weary Face” emoji

The “weary face emoji” says “I have a 10-page paper due at midnight and I have yet to start” or “I lost my wallet for the third time this week…this is getting ridiculous.” With its closed eyes and open, downturned mouth, this is the exemplary emoji for the over-anxious worry wart, who is constantly distraught or in a state of panic—a feeling all of us collegiettes can relate to.

11. The “Relieved Face” emoji

The “relieved face” emoji is the most non-confrontational emoji out there. Contrary to the “weary face” emoji, the “relieved face” emoji is for the calm and collected collegiette who remains cool and content no matter what. Happy but not over the top, this emoji is aloof yet irreproachable, much like its frequent users.

12. The “Thumbs Up” emoji

An ubiquitous sign for approval, the thumbs up emoji is indicative of a job well done or general agreement. Frequent users of this emoji have a distinctive desire to please and comply with others, and have no shame in giving credit where it’s due for a job well done!

13. “The Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye” emoji

With its simultaneous wink and stuck-out tongue, this cheerful and jovial emoji is a favorite amongst self-proclaimed comedians and light-hearted minds everywhere. This emoji is one of the most used in the emoji arsenal of the person who can take a joke as easily as they can dish one out as well as find the funny side of everything.

14. The “Fire” emoji

Despite being characterized in the “nature” section of the emoji keyboard, this emoji is commonly used to describe something or someone (colloquially) hot as well as accompany the wildly popular 2015 term “lit”—meaning a favorable or amusing situation. Those who commonly use this emoji are either thrill-seeking, fun people or rappers trying to describe their mixtape.

15. The “Red Heart”emoji

It’s quite endearing that the most used emoji on Instagram is the red heart emoji. As the classic emoticon for expressing love, admiration and appreciation, the red heart emoji has been used on Instagram over half a million times in various captions and comments worldwide. The fact that this is the most commonly used emoji is quite telling of its users, the people who desire to share their love of something, somewhere or someone.

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