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What Majors the Disney Princesses Would Choose in College

At one point or another, we’ve probably imagined what it might be like to drop out of school, leave our seemingly endless responsibilities behind, marry a prince and pursue a career as a Disney princess. But do princesses ever wonder what it might be like to drop their princess-ly duties and attend a university (if they even know what that is, seeing as where they’re from, school doesn’t really seem to exist)?

If they did go to school, here’s what the Disney princesses would major in. Would you see any of them in your classes?

Belle: English

This is a no-brainer! Belle would obviously study English literature and would probably have a minor in creative writing. You’ll likely see her around campus with her nose buried in a book, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t friendly and approachable! She’s definitely someone you’d want on your side when you’re cramming for your French Literature midterm and trying desperately to decipher the social commentary of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Ariel: Musical Theater

Trading her voice for a pair of legs gave Ariel a pretty good foundation for pretending to be someone she’s not—talk about method acting! And now that she’s got her voice back, Ariel is pretty much a shoe-in for the lead in just about every production on campus. Of course, Eric is in the front row at every show!

Mulan: Women and Gender Studies

After joining the Chinese army and single-handedly taking on the leader of the Huns in combat, Mulan has decided to take a break from all the action and get herself a degree. She’s actively involved in her school’s feminist student organizations and studies about not only the injustices of gender inequality, but also the incredible accomplishments of women. Honestly, though, she already knows both women’s struggles and what they’re capable of, all from firsthand experience.

Rapunzel: Art

After being cooped up in that tower for so long, Rapunzel is just dying for an opportunity to express herself. Her epic adventures with Flynn Rider serve as the inspiration for many of her paintings, and she often spends endless hours in the studio churning out masterpiece after masterpiece—probably because staying in one room for weirdly long periods of time is just second nature to her.

Jasmine: International Affairs

Now that Jasmine has finally escaped the limitations of the palace walls, she just can’t get enough of exploring other places and cultures. Choosing a major like international affairs allows her to take every possible opportunity to study abroad, and she’s very vocal and involved on campus in advocating for issues like women’s rights and poverty. Aladdin would be proud!

Pocahontas: Political Science and History

Because history textbooks have a tendency to gloss over certain aspects of history (you know, like that time white people totally invaded the land of Native Americans and decided to claim it as their own), Pocahontas has decided to take matters into her own hands. She’s very vocal in class and ensures that all sides of history are told. She often challenges her professors and classmates to look at things from new and different perspectives.

Tiana: Culinary Arts

Tiana is one of the best and brightest in her major not only because she’s full of determination and motivation, but because she also has a ton of natural talent. She’s landed internships with some of the best in the business, and she is on track to achieve her dreams as soon as she graduates. She’s popular on campus for pushing her friends to do their best, and also for her ability to whip up an amazing dish on a moment’s notice. When you’re a college student on a ramen-noodles-every-night sort of diet, who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

Cinderella: Health Sciences

Whether it’s humans or animals, Cinderella is used to doing everything she can to help others, so it’s only natural she’d pursue a major like health sciences. She’s often so hard at work on her studies, she forgets to take time to herself—and when she finally does, she decides to leave the party early. Even worse, she ends up leaving one of her shoes behind! Her friends hope she’ll learn to loosen up and enjoy herself eventually.

Merida: Business

Dismayed to discover that her school doesn’t offer a major in archery, Merida decided to settle on a major in business administration. While she sometimes finds the subject matter of her classes boring, she loves the idea of running her own company—without any help from anyone else!

Snow White: Music Education

Snow White taught the seven dwarves how to “whistle while you work,” and now she’s hoping to make a career out of it! Working so closely with the dwarves, as well as with birds and other forest animals, has prepared her for a career in teaching. Her soft-spoken yet stern manner is perfect for spreading the joy of music to children in the classroom.

Aurora: Fashion Design

We bet Sleeping Beauty would declare a major in Fashion Design—because who else would be able to tell you whether you should rock a blue gown or a pink one to that party this weekend? The thing is, her grades are in a little bit of trouble, since she’s gotten into the unfortunate habit of sleeping through her courses. On the occasions she does manage to get out of bed in time for her 8 a.m. class, her shiny blonde locks and impeccable sense of style turn heads all over campus.

Anna: Undeclared

Ever the optimist, Anna takes a liking to just about every subject and has a hard time committing to just one. Professors appreciate her enthusiasm, but worry about her ability to stay on track. Still, she’s one of the most well-meaning girls on campus. And she knows that if she ever needs help figuring out the right path, her older sister Elsa is just a phone call away!

If the Disney princesses really did attend college, they’re some of the few people we probably wouldn’t mind having to do a group project with. And who knows—if you hit it off well, they might even be able to score you an invite to their next Royal Ball!

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