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What It’s Like to Apply to College

College application stress seems distant for those of us heading off to college in just a few short months. But for you rising seniors in high school, the rest of the summer and fall will prove to be a whirlwind of recommendations, standardized tests, essays, and, of course, the looming Common Application. Take a few minutes off from your busy pre-collegiette lives and check out Her Campus’s take on the crazy college application process! 

So you’ve made it through junior year. A little beaten up, sleep deprived, and caffiene dependent – but you’ve made it. 

You’re done with the insanity of exams.

You killed the AP tests and your SAT.

College is but a distant thing on the horizon. When someone says “applications,” you’re like this:

Mostly, you’re just looking forward to a summer like this: 

But of course, your parents have other ideas. They insist you do college visits. They drag you from campus to campus, each one blending into the next, and you’re just like,

They nag you about the Common Application, but you try to ignore them. 

And then in September, senior year starts, and suddenly college is all your friends can talk about. They’re like,

While they obsess over their first choice schools, you haven’t even started your Common App so you’re just like,

So you freak out and work like crazy.

Finally, they’re done… sent in… over. And then you wait.

When decisions arrive, there are high points, 

and low points,

some tears and indecision,

but at last, you realize you’ve made it. You’re going to be fine no matter where you go. You and your friends celebrate that you made it through!

You hug, looking back at the past four years with pride and nostalgia.

Then you take a deep breath, 

and dive into the challenge ahead!

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