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Trader Joe’s Has Rosé Salad Dressing & Now We Can Literally Rosé All Day

Wine lovers everywhere, it’s time to rejoice. With Trader Joe’s new rosé salad vinaigrette, you can add some much-needed wine to your salad routine. And now we can literally rosé all day.

It may still be the middle of this bitter cold winter, but Trader Joe’s is bringing the delight of spring already by introducing their new Organic Rosé Vinaigrette, and honestly, it will totally upgrade your salad game.

“Inspired by what is still arguably the country’s trendiest wine varietal (#roséallday, right?), this dressing is light, tangy, and slightly floral, with notes of herbs and garlic,” Trader Joe’s website explains of the new vinaigrette.

image via Trader Joe’s

The Kitchn, which reviewed the new salad dressing, said, “This dressing is just the right amount of tangy, sprinkled with delicious herbs and little hint of sweetness at the end, lending itself perfectly to a plethora of salad varieties and toppings. I’m thinking fruity salads, veggie-heavy, protein-loaded, the works. This will work.”

But how do you take the beloved rosé and turn it into a salad dressing, you ask? Well, according to Bustle, the dressing is made from sunflower oil, organic red wine vinegar, and organic rosé wine vinegar — because you can’t have a rosé vinaigrette without, well, rosé. To that vinegar and oil mixture, Trader Joe’s adds organic dried garlic, organic dried basil, organic dried oregano, and a little of organic agave syrup. And now you can have your rosé on your salad.

This effortlessly fancy salad vinaigrette retails for $3.49 for a 12 fluid oz bottle, according to Bustle, and Trader Joe’s recommends pairing it with the Crunchy Pita Salad. But honestly, this dressing would be great with just about anything.

So to all true rosé diehards, I’d say it’s time to make a trip to the store.

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