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The Top 10 Weirdest College Majors

When we’re young, the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is asked of us. Usually, the answers are impractical and even impossible. How many of us actually end up being astronauts and ballerinas? But there are a few college students out there who are sticking to their original goals—and they’ve got some pretty unusual majors to prove it.
We’ve compiled the weirdest and most pointless majors available to college students right now. Read on to find out what they are and to see if you agree by commenting below!

1. Folklore and Mythology (Harvard University)

Harvard University defines Folklore and Mythology as “The field of scholarship dealing with myths.” And they’re serious about practicing it. They’ve even got an entire website dedicated to the degree. A few required courses include Witchcraft and Charm Magic, Continuing Oral Traditions in Indigenous Communities, Hero and Trickster and African Women Storytellers. Students can choose to take the Folklore track or the Mythology track. It may not be the most common or practical major out there, but alumni who survived the Folklore and Mythology major at Harvard University share their stories and talk about what they’re doing with their degrees here.

2. Bowling Chasing Management (Vincennes University)

Do you love to bowl? Then Vincennes University might be the school for you. They offer a major in Bowling Chasing Management, including studies in Management Operations, Pinsetter and Lane Maintenance and Pro Shop Operations. You’d be way ahead of the game if you decided to make this your major, let alone be one of the few people at your alley with a college degree—or at least a degree in such a specific field!


3. Winemaking (Cornell University)

There is apparently a shortage in winemakers in the eastern United States, and Cornell is hoping to change that. They’re now offering a degree in viticulture (grape growing) and enology (winemaking). According to this article by Susan S. Lang, “the viticulture curriculum is a concentration within Cornell’s plant science major; the enology curriculum is a concentration in the food science major.” So for those of you who are 21, you can thank Cornell for keeping the wine coming. Winemaking majors start with classes in food science and chemistry and then move on to more specialized classes including the winemaking technology, sensory evaluation of foods, food safety and packaging and flavor development. According to this article, students do not have to be 21 to major in winemaking at Cornell. Wine tasting is still part of the program, but the focus is more on the process than anything else.

4. Canadian Studies (SUNY Plattsburgh)

We study just about every other culture in history, so why not add Canada to the list? At SUNY Plattsburgh, students can major in Canadian Studies. The school’s website says, “Canadian Studies is a well-established field of study at many academic institutions around the globe. As an academic field, the program offers a wide variety of courses, research, and outreach activities focusing on Canada.”
Sounds kind of impractical, but SUNY Plattsburgh compiled a list of careers that correlate with the degree, so it can’t be completely pointless.

5. Motorsports Science and Engineering (Winston-Salem State University)

Welcome to the South, where you can essentially major in the study of NASCAR. Winston-Salem State University is “the only Historically Black College and University to offer a Bachelor of Science degree program in Motorsport Management,” according to their website. It’s certainly not a common field of study, but the website says that “one study indicated motorsports generated a total of 24,406 jobs in 2003 for the state economy of North Carolina.” So it might be a good time to switch into the motorsports science lane. Classes in this major will prepare you for a career in Motorsport Operations, Motorsport Marketing and Event Planning.

6. Comic Book Art (Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

Comic books are meant for a dedicated niche audience. But hey, someone’s gotta do it, right? And if you’re that person, then check out the continuing studies program for Comic Book Art at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Classes within the major include Digital Coloring for Comic Books, Digital Illustration, The Illustrated Notebook and Children’s Book Illustration. Who knows? The next Jack Kirby might be coming out of MCAD!


7. Retail Floristry (Mississippi State University)

Who knew that selling and arranging flowers required a degree? Well, you can get one in Retail Floristry at Mississippi State University. MSU is one of only a few universities in the country that offers a degree in floristry management. The program is truly one-of-a-kind. The university boasts, “a unique retail floristry program gives students hands-on experience in managing a business operation.”

8. Professional Nanny (Sullivan University)

Sullivan University offers an online degree in what they believe is a growing concern: nannying. The school is producing Professional Nanny Graduates who they believe are skilled, educated and “ready to join your team as an in-home childcare provider.” Nannying can be a high-paying job if you manage to find a stable position with a good family. Having a degree in Professional Nannying will give you a leg up on the competition, but crossing over into another profession with this degree won’t be easy.

9. Comedy: Writing and Performance (Humber College in Canada)

If you’ve dreamed of becoming the next Kathy Griffin, you can make that dream come true by studying Comedy at Humber College in Canada. Humber recognizes that you need more than skill to excel in the world of comedy: you also need an understanding of the commercial aspect of the industry. Humber College offers the opportunity to learn about the industry while improving your comedy skills. Classes include “stand-up, improvisation, scriptwriting, sketch comedy, and all other aspects of the craft.”

10. Poultry Science (North Carolina State University)

This major is pretty self-explanatory. Students studying poultry science will learn how to raise and manage healthy chickens, turkeys and ducks for the purpose of producing eggs or meat. Students use principles of chemistry and biology within this niche field of study. If you’re not sure what exactly one would do with a degree in Poultry Science, check out NC State’s website for more information.
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