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There Are Bridesmaids Dresses For Your Doggo, & We Have So Many Questions

I thought I’ve seen it all on the internet, but the universe has proved me wrong yet again. You can now buy a dog bridesmaid dress custom made for your furry BFF, according to Popsugar.

Made by Birmingham, UK-based Etsy shop called The Posh Paws Company, your pupper can now fit into a wedding party for any friend or family member. Heck, they can even just wear it to the next wedding you’re just invited to or just for fun around the house! They’ll certainly look like a million bucks. 

The company offers a variety of satin gowns in 12 different colors and five sizes. It even comes with a matching hair bow. It cut like a classic, ball gown. The company describes its product, writing, “Our beautifully handmade bridesmaid gowns [are] created with detailed collar, fully lined bodice. Shoulder is finished with gather frill to give the impression of fitted sleeves. The bottom is a full-bodied skirt, rounded off and tapered into the underbelly, with layers of netting to promote fullness in skirt. There is a bow at the waist with tales.” There’s even a slit in the back of the bodice to make sure you can fasten a leash to a harness. 

The dresses range from $80 to $148, depending on the size. You even have the option to send in your fabric, so the dress can match the entire bridal party.

This is honestly so adorable. If you dress your dogs to the nines, all I ask is for some pictures—please.

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