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Step Up Your Confidence Game in 2016

Whether you’ve had your best semester yet or you just can’t wait to get out of dodge, you’ve made it to December and the holidays are finally here! In addition to time spent with family, holiday decorating, and sleeping in most mornings, your weeks spent off campus and in between semesters gift you with extra time to really focus on yourself. New Year’s approaching evidently presents the perfect opportunity to not only reflect on your past year, but also to consider all that you see for yourself in the year to come. Maybe “new year, new me” takes it a little bit too far, but there’s no better time than now to think about what you want to accomplish in 2016.
In an effort to uncover college female’s biggest goals for 2016, we teamed up with The Princeton Review to survey thousands of collegiettes. One of our favorite and most empowering metrics from the survey – which will be released in full in January – is that the number one thing college females do not want to leave home without on New Year’s Eve is their confidence. Other results revealed that college females wanted to try their hand at yoga in order to be the healthiest version of themselves and that a majority finds starting their own company to be the most inspirational career choice for college-aged women. While the topics of questions varied, collegiette’s responses unveiled one united belief: that self-confidence is crucial to making things happen. We see that our readers definitely remain united on the front that confidence is their most essential accessory while headed into the New Year.

The College Females Unfiltered survey features responses from collegiettes on topics like diet and nutrition, mental health, drinking and drugs, fitness, sex and sleep. We’re releasing the results when the New Year begins, so be sure to look out for them in January!

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