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starbucks iced energy drinks
starbucks iced energy drinks
Courtesy of Starbucks
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This Is Not A Drill: Starbucks Has Energy Drinks Now

Summer 2024 is coming in hot — TBH, maybe a little bit too hot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for living a hot girl summer. However, every hot girl still needs some chilled moments — especially from the summer heat and sweat that comes with it.  Luckily, Starbucks is out here to save us all from scorching temperatures this year (and helping us keep our hot girl energy levels up) by releasing a new line of iced energy drinks. 

On June 25, Starbucks added iced energy drinks to its permanent menu for the very first time. Dubbed “Iced Energy,” these bevvies are made with various fruit flavors and iced tea and come in the venti size only. (Because let’s be real: Who really wants to just order a tall size anyway?)

If you’re excited about the chance to taste these new flavors, but are wary of anything with “energy” in its title after the Panera Charged Sips lemonade debacle, don’t stress. These new drinks contain between 180 and 205 mg of caffeine, which is about the same caffeine content as a grande Starbucks Cold Brew — so if you can handle one of those, you should be fine to drink these Iced Energy drinks. 

In my opinion, the release of these new Starbucks Iced Energy drinks marks the beginning of the dog days being over — no more afternoon slumps because you can’t bear the thought of drinking a hot coffee for me! 

Here are the different Starbucks Iced Energy flavors you can drink to beat the summer sizzle while sipping in style.

Melon Burst Iced Energy Drink

Infused with melon and cucumber flavors, the Melon Burst Iced Energy drink is blended with Passion Tango tea and served over ice. Although this drink contains a little less caffeine than some of its counterparts (it clocks in at 180 mg), don’t get it twisted— this drink can still give you a nice, fruity burst of energy!

Tropical Citrus Iced Energy Drink

Containing 205 mg of caffeine, the Tropical Citrus Iced Energy drink can help make you feel like you are in paradise — even during a long day of being in the hot sun. This bev blends green tea with passionfruit and citrus flavors.

Frozen Tropical Citrus Iced Energy with Strawberry Purée

Last but not least, this iced energy drink is exclusive to Starbucks rewards members. It’s blended with passionfruit and other citrus flavors, as well as strawberry purée. This drink will only be available in the Starbucks app for a limited time, so be sure to try it out ASAP! 

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