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Stanley’s Student Ambassador Program Gives Students Free Products & A $1,600 Stipend

Calling all Stanley cup lovers: You can show your true love for Stanley and get paid to do so! Stanley has officially launched their Student Ambassador Program with Campus Collaborative, where you can help spread the word about Stanley cups from the comfort of your college campus! That’s right, while you’re at school, you can earn extra money while helping to promote the Stanley brand. 

Stanley is looking for energetic college students to help spread the word about staying hydrated through your content style! The program is in several states and colleges all over the U.S., including Arizona State, the University of Miami, UC Irvine, Wake Forest University, Howard University, and the University of Texas-Austin. Don’t see your college? Don’t worry just yet — 24 universities across the U.S. are eligible to participate in the ambassador program. You can find the complete list of schools here.

Nothing’s better than promoting a brand you love while getting paid to do so. With the Stanley Student Ambassador Program, there are many benefits that you are guaranteed from the experience, including a $200 weekly stipend for eight weeks and Stanley brand products and swag. You’ll also gain valuable leadership and marketing experience, learn about project management, and connect with other brand ambassadors across your campus and the country.

The responsibilities for the program are pretty straightforward, too. As a Stanley student ambassador, you will promote the Stanley brand and their products on campus and your social media channels, like Instagram and TikTok. You’ll also be expected to engage with students in on-campus activities, demonstrating the features of Stanley products to your peers on campus. As an ambassador, you will become the leader of Stanley brand awareness at your school. 

Wondering if you’re the right fit for the role? Stanley is looking for outgoing, personable students who genuinely love the brand and are active on campus in events, clubs, sports, and academic groups. You get major points if you have a presence on social media (you’ll need at least 1,000 followers on TikTok or Instagram) and have no problem engaging with peers. Before you apply, make sure you aren’t publicly associated with any other drinkware brands, as this is also a qualification for the ambassador program! 

The program will begin on March 18 and will run for precisely eight weeks, with a $200 weekly stipend totaling $1,600 for the duration of the program. Applications are open now until Feb. 23. In order to apply, you’ll need to create an NMG Staffing account. Once your account is approved, head over to the calendar in the portal to view and apply for the program. Get ready to spread the Stanley word! 

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