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This Maple Syrup is Literally Sparkling, & I Can’t Wait to Pour it on Absolutely Every Food

When this iridescent syrup first launched on the first of September, it sold out within minutes. It’s no surprise, either – syrup is somewhat of a breakfast staple, and this particular one offers the vibe of an edible snow globe, air bubbles shooting up as you spin it around reminiscent of shooting stars. Pancakes aside I could turn the bottle back and forth all day – it’s almost too pretty to want to eat. Almost.

Made with just two ingredients – organic, Grade A Vermont maple syrup and food safe, pearlescent mica – this new sparkly breakfast favorite was born out of a desire to bring some more fun and positivity into the kitchen amid this hell year (if I may be blunt). I can say, for me, at least, that that goal was wildly successful. I just hope they decide to keep it around for more than these couple of limited releases, because Sunday brunch will never be the same without glittery French toast or a twinkling cocktail.

Courtesy of Runamok

Retailing for $16.95, the next limited release is available for pre-order now, set to become available in mid-October. In the meantime, Runamok has lots of other fun flavors, too, including syrups infused with coffee, smoked chili peppers and cocoa bean. I never would’ve thought to add anything else to my maple syrup, but now I really can’t stop! 

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