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Sorority Rush Resumes Are Different Than Career Ones, So Here’s What To Include On Yours

Rushing a sorority and confused about what to put on your sorority rush resume? You’re not alone! Each year, hundreds of thousands of girls decide to embark on this rite of passage in many American college girl’s lives, but where should they start? Girls take it upon themselves to learn about how they can become the picture perfect sorority girl, from taking notes on YouTube videos to hiring personal sorority rush consultants. And one thing’s for sure: Many schools require potential new members (PNMs) to have a resume to share with the houses they’re rushing.

As a fellow sorority girl, when I first embarked on my rush journey, I was so confused on where to start. There isn’t a clear starting point, and no to-do list to check off to make sure that you’ll get into your top house. From one sorority girl to another, it’s necessary to have a resume that highlights all of your accomplishments, ranging from community service to teamwork. Below is how to break down your resume to ensure that you present yourself to your future sisterhood the best that you possibly can.

Start with your header.
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The header of your resume gives the reader general information about you. With sorority resumes, you want to make sure that you stand out, so you can choose a pretty font (or even better, a template from Canva or Novoresume) to give it that extra oomph. Make sure your header includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Add in your current education information.

This section is pretty straightforward. Make sure to put both your weighted and unweighted GPA from high school and — if you can — your current college GPA (if you are not rushing the fall semester of your freshman year). Also make sure to include your high school information and GPA, your SAT and ACT scores, as well as any classes you took in high school for college credit.

List some personal information.

This section is also very straightforward. If you have any Greek affiliations — whether one of your siblings or parents were in the sorority — put note of it at the bottom. Personal information should also include your birthday, the college you’re attending and graduation year, plus your intended major.

Don’t forget your honors, awards, and leadership roles.

The Honors and Awards section highlights what makes you special! Include any awards that you feel would make you stand out. Leadership roles are extremely important to showcase to sororities. When in a sorority, every member has the opportunity to hold a leadership position if they choose. When showing that you take leadership in organizations that you are passionate about, sororities will keep you in mind. These awards and positions should only be from high school and onward. Include a short description of the award or honor, and the year that it was awarded.

End with extracurriculars and community involvement.

These sections are not always needed, but are beneficial when adding them to your resumes so that sororities can see what you are interested in and add some ~spice~. 

With the proper resume formatting, you are guaranteed to hear back from some of your top picks during sorority recruitment! Start to get excited about running home.

Lila Bartolomeo

Virginia Tech '24

Lila Bartolomeo is National Lifestyle Writer for Her Campus. She oversees the latest trends and pop culture as well as gives advice on how to land important roles as a college student. Beyond Her Campus, Lila has her own video production and photography company, where she designs and performs content production for diverse public and private events. She has written for Valnet covering traveling tips and must-see destinations. She has interned at the U.S. Department of State, United Legwear, Linking Lives, and Linking Lives Rwanda. Lila is about to embark on her next internship as a documentary intern at Virginia Tech. She is also the co-founder of Let’s Build A Rink Ice Hockey Campaign, where she is working on building an ice rink on campus. She is currently a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Spanish with a double minor in International Business and Marketing. In her free time, Lila plays ice hockey at Virginia Tech and serves as the vice president of her team. Other sports that she enjoys include lifting and surfing. Besides sports, Lila enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. So far, she has been to 19 countries and hopes to continue to travel more. Her goal is to take a road trip throughout the United States one day.