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These 2023 NYE IG Captions Are *So* Cute

The New Year is both a melancholic and exciting time. Much like you, dear 20something, the New Year comes at a time when reflections of the past greet daring dreams of the future with youthful bravado. The celebratory glitter that flakes off of your fun outfits and that you throw into the air is both a welcoming “hello” to the New Year and a bittersweet “bon voyage” to the past one. Poetics aside, the vibrance of this past year certainly warrants a banger of a goodbye.

2022 was unforgettable. From the rise of chic trends like regencycore and the Y2K style to the death of Queen Elizabeth II,  2022 was overbrimming with blast-from-the-past aesthetics and significant historical events. However, as 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to ring in the New Year with a glitter-doused bang. From crafting realistic resolutions to planning ways to celebrate, I’ve got you covered. Now all you need to do is post your annual glitter-covered New Year’s photo; you snap the pic, I’ve got the caption.

“I have champagne problems.”

And a hangover. 

“The only time you’ll meet me at midnight.”

The Taylor tribute never ends.

“Poppin’ bottles. 🍾

A classic

“New Year, Same Me.”

Plot twist. 

“In my glitter girl era.”

Sequins are a must for your NYE fit.

“Alexa, play New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift.”

She just has a mood for everything.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” — Brad Paisley

For all my sentimental besties. 

“No Resolutions.”

For your annual baddie pic. 

“Ringing in the New Year with some sparkle.”

Is there any other way?

“My forever midnight kiss.”

For an iconic pic of you and your SO.

“New Year, Same Bad Decisions.”

I’m in my bad girl era. 

“New year, but no new friends.”

Perfect for that candid with your OG’s.

“Couldn’t find a stranger to kiss… so I settled for my bestie. 💁🏻‍♀️”

Sad to disappoint Bing Crosby.

“What happens on NYE is erased on New Year’s Day… “

That’s how it works, right?

“Feelin’ bubbly.”

And not to mention buzzed. 

“Here’s to sequins, sparkles, and a New Year!”

Classy, simple, and cute. Kate Spade would approve. 

“Ditching the sequined-dress, I’m already full of sparkle.”

Shine on, girl.

” Wake me up when the ball drops. “

Petition to move New Years to 10 pm, anyone?

“Cheers to 2023!”

Don’t leave out the “🎊” emoji.

“Ring Ring! Hello? It’s the New Year!”

Bring it on, 2023. 

Your jaw-dropping New Year’s selfie is incomplete without a witty caption. With our help, you’re sure to be a stunner; although you were already sparkling on your own anyways. Happy posting! 

Ashlynn is a published poet who studies Religion and English at Southwestern University. On the off chance she isn't writing or burying her nose in another psychology book, she is probably eating sushi with her friends. She loves boba, doing yoga, and rummaging antique vinyl stores!