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Shout Out Your Besties With These National Best Friends Day IG Captions

To the friends we can always rely on to watch the hundreds of TikToks sent at midnight, who support us in our moments of need, and who call us out when we need it, happy National Best Friends Day! 

National Best Friends Day was established all the way back in 1935 by the U.S. Congress, choosing June 8 for its ideal summer weather, making it a great time to plan picnics and outdoor activities. If Congress can set a day aside for best friends, you can too!

Your friends deserve their flowers and praise year-round, but on a day designated for bestie appreciation, it’s time to look back on your best moments and give them the recognition they deserve. Whether it’s that one best friend you have had since preschool or the group you found in your dorm freshman year, finding the words to say how much you love them can be hard — especially if you’re trying to think of an Instagram caption to convey all your feelings.

Instagram has a high word count for captions, but sometimes that’s not necessary to express how much your bestie means to you. Photo dumps of digital camera pictures and throwback memories can express way more than an Instagram caption, but with these National Best Friends Day 2024 Instagram captions, you can showcase the chosen family in your life!

“Birds of a feather, we should stick together” – Billie Eillish

This one may be a given; after all, it’s in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. But it’s true: Birds of a feather do stick together!

I found my lobster.

When a show is called Friends, you’d be correct to assume it would have some good quotes about love and friendship. 

“She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like to have people be jealous of us.” – Clueless

Not only did Cher and Dionne have the best clothes, but they also have one of the most iconic friendships in cinema!

Happy Best Friends Day to the dream guest on my podcast.

Oh Jojo Siwa, the gifts you have given to social media…

Two pretty best friends.

This reference isn’t that old, but given how quickly social media moves, it kind of feels like it’s pulling from the vault. Still, it’s fun for a duo!

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” – Spice Girls

It’s a classic; what else can I say?

The Matt Damon to my Ben Affleck, the Snoop Dogg to my Martha Stewart…

Celebrities have friendships just like us.

“You’ve got a friend in me” – Toy Story

It’s a bit old-school, but it’s cute!

“We’re sisters; you’re my family. What is you, is me.” – Gossip Girl

I know Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf were toxic AF, but despite the ups and downs, their friendship was one of the best parts of the whole show.

Thanks for helping me with the New York Times Connections

Sometimes those categories make no sense and we all need a little hint to move us along.

I like Mike Faist, she likes Josh O’Connor — all is right in the world.

Challengers has infiltrated every aspect of my life, apparently.

We are the only group of friends who could live together and not have a falling out.

For all the roomie-bestie pairings out there.

Wish we got to go to the Star Wars Hotel

I watched Jenny Nicholson’s four-hour video essay and it appears many others did, too.

I love my gym buddy!

Keeping up a consistent gym routine can be really difficult; going with a friend makes it so much easier and way more fun!

Million Dollar Babies

Because you know your bestie’s worth.

To those I have laughed with, cried with, and vented with, I love you! Happy Best Friends Day!

For a more sentimental option, take a moment to share how you really feel about your bestie.

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