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One Of These Multicultural Sororities Could Be Your Forever Home

When you think of a “typical” sorority girl, you might picture a very specific (and sometimes exclusionary) look. For those who don’t fit the bleach blonde mold, rushing can feel like a competition against beauty standards, or worse, a rejection of everything that makes them unique. But it doesn’t have to be! Most universities offer Panhellenic and multicultural sororities to help their students find their ideal community if they choose to join Greek life. 

The National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC) defines multiculturalism as “not only diversity of membership, but a concrete commitment to acknowledge and celebrate all cultures equally through our programming, public service outreach efforts and community education.” As a member of a multicultural sorority, you’d get to rep your background, educate others about diversity on campus, and make friends with the same empowered mindset!

As rush season gets closer, you may want to consider rushing a multicultural sorority to make the most of your college years. Let’s look at what some of the biggest multicultural sororities in the nation stand for (some that are part of the NMGC and some that aren’t) so you can find your best fit.

Delta Xi Phi

Delta Xi Phi has 26 chapters in 15 states. Its sisters strive to uphold five pillars: advancement of women through higher education, increasing multicultural awareness, community service, sisterhood, and friendship.

As a member of Delta Xi Phi (also called Di Xi), you can expect to attend weekly study sessions, host cultural events like talent shows, dinners, and workshops, and participate in the organization’s annual leadership conference. The sorority’s national philanthropy is the American Cancer Society.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

aKDPhi is an Asian-interest sorority with a network of over 9,000 sisters. Its sisterhood is built on its core values of compassion, friendship, integrity, purpose, and authenticity. The organization supports various non-profits related to breast cancer awareness and holds educational events on campus during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Gamma Eta

Gamma Eta was founded by Latina students at the University of Florida in 1995. The sisterhood is based on seven pillars: diversity, unity, leadership, service, scholarship, sisterhood, and strength. Gamma Eta sisters prioritize bonding with each other at social events and fundraisers for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Lambda Tau Omega

This sorority stands for “excellence through unity, knowledge, and education.” Lambda Tau Omega is extremely accepting of all ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds. Its nationally-adopted philanthropic project, Pinwheels for Prevention, spreads awareness of child abuse. The sisters call themselves Mermaids, so if Ariel was your favorite Disney princess growing up, this might be the sorority for you.

Mu Sigma Upsilon

Mu Sigma Upsilon is the first multicultural sorority founded in the United States. Its motto, “Women Always United,” is written in both English and Spanish to honor its five Puerto Rican Founding Mothers. The sorority is currently partnering with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Chi Upsilon Sigma

Chi Upsilon Sigma is a Latin sorority with over 70 active chapters throughout the country. It strives to celebrate Latino culture and stands for the three E’s: educating, elevating, and empowering all women. The organization honors one of its former members by fundraising for the “I Have A Dream” Foundation

Omega Phi Chi

Omega Phi Chi aims to promote unity and ethnic diversity among its sisters by celebrating the unique traits each member brings to the table. One of its mottos is “Dare to be different.” You’d look good in light pink letters.

Every university is different. Make sure to check out your school’s full list of sororities to see which organizations are offered on your campus. If you don’t see the community you’re looking for, start your own! Each sorority’s website includes resources on how you can found a chapter at your college. You might just find your forever home!

Fabiana Beuses is a senior at Florida State University double majoring in Media/Communication Studies and English (Editing, Writing, and Media). She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at FSU. She previously served as Her Campus' Summer 2023 Entertainment & Culture Intern and is currently a National Writer, where she profiles celebrities and professionally fangirls over pop culture phenomena. When she's not polishing her latest article, you can find her browsing bookstore aisles, taste testing vanilla lattes around town, or rewatching the Harry Potter series for the millionth time.