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last minute advent calendars
last minute advent calendars
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6 Last-Minute, Unique Advent Calendars To Gift This Year

The holidays are here, and I bet you’re busy online shopping for gifts or getting lost in how to wrap the perfect present. But if you’re looking for something you can look forward to every day leading up to Christmas Day, check out these awesome advent calendars. And don’t worry — they’re not all beauty-related, like you’ve probably seen all over Ulta and Sephora. Since we’re already well into December, you can stick to advent calendars that have 12 items, or you can do the full 24 or 25 and just continue opening after Christmas Day. Who doesn’t love extra gifts?! 

Advent calendars are the best way to count down to Christmas (or to brighten your mood while dealing with finals), and they’re a great gift for loved ones that can be given surprise gifts for 12 consecutive days. These calendars help exponentially to get me back into the Christmas spirit and feel like a kid again, which is the joy we all deserve to feel.

The biggest and most popular advent calendars on the market for beauty advent calendars, where you can possibly get high-end skin care or makeup for a good price. Although these calendars can be exciting for others, if you want an advent calendar that won’t have 12 travel-size beauty products crowding your bathroom counter, I got you covered.


Caffeine is the way the majority of people’s hearts, so you really can’t go wrong here! Keurigs are in almost every home, and giving a loved one free K-Cups is such a win. Keurig has an advent calendar ($20) with 24 surprise K-Cups that will bring Christmas cheer to every morning’s cup of joe.


If your loved one (or you) runs off caffeine but isn’t a fan of coffee, tea advent calendars may be the way to go! Amazon has an array of tea advent calendars, but one of the best options is Christmas Tea Gift Set by Vahdam ($40), with 24 varieties of organic tea. It’s currently 33% off, so it’s a win-win.


Holidays can be stressful with Christmas shopping and dealing with numerous family members. What would be better than to give someone a boozy advent calendar to lift their spirits If you’re 21 or over, gifting or receiving a wine advent calendar can open you to new flavors, and it can be fun to open with (of age) family or friends. Sip & Savor’s 12-Pack Holiday Sweater Wine Advent Calendar ($60) is a great choice.


If you or the person you’re gifting to is more into beer, no problem! Give Them Beer has many ale options. Their Beer Advent Calendar 2022 ($80) comes with 12 curated craft beers to try, and having that, who wouldn’t have fun at Christmas?


If you want to really surprise yourself or others with a more unique advent calendar, go with the Dolly Parton Advent Calendar from Williams Sonoma ($15), which includes a variety of gifts. These little gifts are some of Parton’s holiday favorites, such as mints, hot chocolate, and other sweet goodies. Plus, any product that has Dolly Parton on the cover is iconic.


Want an advent calendar that can make your home smell divine and feel cozy? This 12-day advent calendar from Newlighture ($43) includes a variety of soy wax candles to illuminate your home.

Hopefully, these unique advent calendars can help solve any gift-giving crisis, or allow you to indulge in something for yourself before the chaos of the holidays.

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