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How You Can Save Some $$$ On A Last-Minute Flight Home For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2023 is right around the corner, and some college students will be coming home for the long weekend to spend time with their families and loved ones. For some of you, this may actually be the first time you’re reuniting with family and friends from your hometown since starting the semester and moving into your dorm. Coming home for Thanksgiving can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time, especially if you are a first-year student who has never navigated this situation before. 

With the chaos of school and how quickly time flies by while in college, we’re already at that point in the semester where Thanksgiving break is approaching and you still may not have booked a flight back home yet. Or for those who aren’t celebrating but are using this time off to go on a mini-vacation and are setting plans up at the last minute, you also need to purchase flight tickets fast. 

Luckily, there are still some last-minute flight deals that students can make use of this Thanksgiving season in order to make it to your destination on time and at a discounted price. 

United Airlines Discounted Flights (Ages 18-23) 

For those between the ages of 18 to 23 years old, United Airlines offers a special discount where you can get 5% off your flight. You can book flights for yourself with this discount until Dec. 31, 2023 — so this same deal will also be good for when you need to fly home after finals in between semesters. 

This deal is exclusively available through the United App. You also need to make sure you have a MileagePlus® account (so if you don’t already have one, you need to sign up for free). 

Once you have an account, select “Book” and then “Discounted Travel (Ages 18-23).” Lots of college students happen to fall within this age bracket, so if you are flying through United Airlines, definitely check out this offer to see what discounted flights are available for you.


StudentUniverse is a travel booking site for students and young adults under 30. This website partners with more than 200 airlines and offers exclusive flight discounts for students. They also sometimes offer promo codes as well for additional savings. Becoming a member is free. Not only does StudentUniverse offer discounts and show you deals on domestic and international flights, but it tells you the special features of flying with each airline, such as having connectivity and in-flight entertainment with United Airlines. 

Whichever option you choose, don’t wait much longer to book your flight home — prices typically soar the closer the holiday gets. Safe travels!

Courtney Lemkin is a National Contributing Writer for Her Campus. She writes life and career content on the site including advice on academics and more. She is a recent graduate of St. John's University where she majored in communication arts and minored in English. During her time at St. John's, she was the vice president of the campus' multimedia organization and also has previous experience writing for College Magazine. She later became an editor, social media coordinator / newsletter editor, and eventually worked her way up to holding the position of editor in chief. In her free time, Courtney enjoys anything related to the arts and loves going to see Broadway plays.