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Jesse Andrews’s, The Haters, and a Pair of Bose Over-Ear Headphones For Free!

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Admit it, collegiettes — we’ve all fantasized about becoming famous — and dropping everything to tour with a band sounds like a pretty appealing way to attain such coveted celebrity status. The thrill associated with abandoning your home life and pursuing your passion for music is exactly what Jesse Andrews’s new novel, The Haters, is all about. This young adult novel covers music, love, friendship, and freedom as three young musicians chase their dreams and the chance of a lifetime. We’ve partnered with Abrams Books and The Haters and are giving one lucky collegiette the chance to win a copy of The Haters, a branded bumper sticker, and a pair of Bose over-ear headphones.

The Haters follows two best friends and musicians, Wes and Corey. Their adventure begins at a jazz camp where they meet Ash, a charismatic girl with a unique voice that changes the boy’s musical perspectives. Wes, Corey and Ash immediately establish a connection and the three become a dynamic music-making trio. Then, Ash makes a spontaneous decision that the group should ditch jazz camp and hit the road to tour. Before Wes and Corey can process the commitment, the three bandmates are in Ash’s SUV and their adventure of “The Haters Summer of Hate Tour” has officially begun.

Jesse Andrews is a screenwriter and New York Times bestselling author for his first book, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. The Haters is his second work, and this relatable novel was inspired by Andrews’s personal experience in a band playing bass. Not only is this book witty, but it is a fictional piece about coming-of-age; it’s as if this novel was written distinctly for our collegiettes! The Haters hit stores on April 5th -- so enter now to for your chance to win!

To learn more, check out Andrews website, and follow Abrams Books on Twitter!

The Haters

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