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Jalaiah Harmon
Jalaiah Harmon
Jalaiah Harmon
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Jalaiah Harmon is Dancing Her Way Through Her Teen Years, While Uplifting Fellow Black Content Creators on Social Media

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Ulta Beauty recently launched the MUSE 100, a celebration of 100 inspirational Black voices in and around beauty, from entrepreneurs and creators to visionary leaders, and more. These individuals are creating impact and driving change in the industry and beyond, to help make beauty in our world possible. Each MUSE honoree will be awarded a $10,000 grant to help accelerate their impact, totaling over a $1M commitment from Ulta Beauty.

The MUSE 100 honorees embody the commitment of Magnifying, Uplifting, Supporting, and Empowering Black voices – and, Jalaiah Harmon is someone who totally reflects this commitment. She has been named an honoree of the Next Gen category, “the emerging young Black leaders shaking up our world.”

Jalaiah is arguably the pioneer of having TikTok dances going viral, as she was the original creator for the sensational Renegade Dance, which millions of people recorded themselves doing. Since making up the dance when she was only 14-years-old, she has been collaborating with other Black dancers, content creators, and brands to choreograph for their campaigns, and continues to be a social icon and comedic talent online.

We got the chance to sit down with Jalaiah to chat about her life as a dancer and a Black content creator, her goals for the future, and so much more. Read below to hear what she had to say, and help us celebrate her as an honoree of MUSE 100!

Here’s to Jalaiah, and all of the other MUSE 100 HONOREES! 

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Her Campus: What does dance mean to you?
Jalaiah Harmon: To me, dance means freedom. When I dance, I feel free to be my true self and really let my creativity take me anywhere that makes me happy. 

Her Campus: How are you using your platform to educate and empower others through your brand?
Jalaiah: The way I use my platform to educate and empower others is by partnering with brands and organizations with positive values, messaging, and products. I also try to make sure that my personal content is artistic and fun, as a reflection of me and how I choose to live life! 

Her Campus: How do you define success?
Jalaiah: Success is being able to start and finish each day being proud of what you’re doing and how you do it. I define success as being able to live life when, where, and how you choose, from the inside out. Success isn’t about having a lot of material things but enjoying, appreciating, and sharing the blessings that come to you.

Her Campus: What goal are you currently chasing?
Jalaiah: I would like to continue to build my choreography portfolio and collaborate with other artists, creators, and brands! I strive to stay as active as I can and not always wait for things to come to me. I want to become successful not just in the dance industry but accomplish all of my goals and dreams throughout my life.

Her Campus: What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?
Jalaiah: The one piece of advice I would give myself would be to never question the magnitude of my talents or compare them to others. I am me and I have God-given gifts! 

Her Campus: The Muse 100 mission is to amplify and uplift Black voices and individuals. How are you personally aligned with this mission?
Jalaiah: Being recognized and honored by MUSE 100 was so perfect because we share similar missions! As a content creator, my mission is to use my platform and my talent to continue to bring attention to Black creators, especially dancers of color. Even though I’m still a teen, I think it is very important to shed light on super-talented people of color whenever I can, which is why I’m constantly showing love on my social media account to those that inspire me! I come from a line of strong, talented Black women…my mother Dr. Stefanie Harmon is a role model for me and she has taught me so much. I love helping to shine a light on all creators but I have a special place in my heart for Black creators because I think they understand my story better than anyone else.

Here’s to Jalaiah, and all of the other MUSE 100 HONOREES! 

Click here to learn more about Jalaiah and the other MUSE 100 honorees!

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