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Introducing the 2010 New Balance Campus Fitness Bloggers!

Meet our Six Fabulous
New Balance Campus Fitness Bloggers 2010:
Meagan Aguayo
University of Tampa

Hello everyone! My name is Meagan Aguayo and I’m a junior at the University of Tampa. Back in high school I was involved in team sports and I did dance classes, so I was healthy and in shape! With college, two internships, and a part time job it’s so hard to stick to an exercise schedule and more importantly stay motivated! I work with a bunch of first graders and we all try to incorporate some fitness into the daily routine. I love trying different types of exercise, but I mostly love dance inspired cardio and yoga! I enjoy living a health lifestyle, but I have a weakness for Dove Chocolate. Hopefully with this program I’ll see a difference and feel great! I can’t wait to share my blog with other girls out there and we can all work together to get fit!”





Cassidy Quinn Brettler
Emerson College

“Hi! I’m Cassidy Quinn Brettler, a senior at Emerson College. I’m a Broadcast Journalism and Acting major, so I love blogging, vlogging, Tweeting, and telling everyone what’s going on. But although I’m a girly girl (and sorority girl), I’ve always loved sports. I played team sports when I was younger (some not so successfully…!), but now I do a lot of snowboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking – all kinds of random sports! But that’s all when I’m home in Seattle. In Boston, with my double-major, Emerson TV shows, and jobs, there’s not much time left to workout. Usually I end up in front of my TV late at night with a workout DVD (Hip-Hop Abs, anyone?). Since it’s my last year of college, I need to finally find a plan that works for me and my schedule, before I have to enter the real world! And since working out helps me relieve stress, I’m hoping exercising more might help clear my mind from stressing out about what I’m going to do after graduation…!”

Olivia Watson
UT Austin

“Hi Ladies! My name is Olivia Watson and I’m a junior at UT Austin. I have been a fitness buff since my sophomore year of high school, when I began running around my neighborhood with my dad. After a while I started using running as an outlet to relieve stress and clear my head, and it still holds true today. Unfortunately, being a full-time student, juggling an internship and other extra-curricular activities doesn’t leave much time for exercise. That said, I normally try to squeeze a workout in at night or in the morning, the only trouble is staying motivated. I believe self-motivation is the key to a successful workout regime, so my goal is to try and influence girls to want to exercise and eventually learn how to become self-motivated after following my blog. Every girl’s got potential, they just need a little push! That’s where I come in.”


Andrey Shaak
Hofstra University

“Hi Her Campusers! I’m Andreya Shaak, a junior at Hofstra University, and, I know what it’s like to have a busy schedule and struggle to find time to work out. All day, I rush from class to my internship to social events, so even when I do have some downtime, all I want to do is cuddle on my couch and watch Harry Potter. Even with limited time, I love exercising because of the amazing feeling you get after you finish a couple miles or take a spin class. In high school, a gym was the last thing on my mind; I was so active with sports that I never even considered alternative methods of staying fit. When I got to college, I adapted and weaned myself off my “sports crutch,” finding a safe haven at the Rec Center. Now, I’m hoping New Balance can help me incorporate fitness more often into my crazy lifestyle – together, let’s BALANCE our lives!”

Amber Rider
Rider University

“I’m a communication/journalism student attending Rider University, currently in my junior year. As far as the future goes, I aspire to have a career as a (women’s/fashion/fitness) magazine editor. Driven to bring something fresh and new to the magazine industry, I continue to be focused, motivated, and have an unbreakable “anything’s possible” attitude. My thirst, energy and passion for writing, style, and fitness keeps me one step ahead of everyone else.”









Elizabeth Bayne

“Elizabeth Bayne is a first-year at the marvelous Smith College. She adores running dusty trails, pumping iron, and everything yoga-related. Unfortunately she cannot seem to muster the willpower to stay away from decadent desserts or anything covered in that delicious fake yogurt they dip raisins and pretzels into. In all seriousness, working out is a powerful stress-reliever for her and has invariably become a part of daily life. Most recently, yoga and weight lifting have become the most exciting parts of her workout routine, but she’s always looking for new ways to be motivated (Thursday night Zumba class, anyone?). Her workout goals for this season are to do some major toning up and to adopt sensible eating habits to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous Freshman Fifteen. She also wants to be able to do a handstand for two reasons: to develop intense concentration skills and to have a cool party trick.”


“InfluenceHer Collective has introduced me to so many brands and I’ve been so lucky to be accepted into this amazing community. I wouldn’t half the opportunities I have if it wasn’t for them! I love being able to show my personal style and being able to represent brands with my own flavor.”






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