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Iconic 2017 Snapchat Filters That We’ll Never Forget

The selfie game has been changed for good now that Snapchat filters have taken 2017 by storm. Whether they’re enhancing your glow, widening your eyes or turning you into a cute little animal, Snapchat showed us all our ~true form~ this year. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the most memorable filters of 2017. May they always rest in our hearts (and resurface again in 2018, thanks).

1. Dancing Hot Dog

Hate to love it, or love to hate it? It can’t get more 2017 than this.

2. Bootylicious Hamster

Did it just wink at me?

3. Cheetah

Pls don’t leave.

4. The Big Mouth

Not all Snapchat filters “beautify,” and that’s why we’re obsessed with the big mouth filter. Perfect for complaining about diets or announcing that pizza is for dinner.

5. Full Makeup

The transformation from left to right has us shook. Automatic makeup on a lazy Sunday? Bring them baaaack.

6. Floating Hearts

It may not be heart eyes, but we love this serious glow up.

7. Groovy Color-Changing Glasses

As colorful shades came back in style, Snapchat knew how to keep up with the lewks. The best part might’ve been the background music of “Now and Later” by Sage the Gemini, which soon became our fav song.

8. The Unicorn Frappuccino Filter

The aesthetically pleasing and Insta-worthy Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino basically made our unicorn princess dreams come true.

9. Stylish Grandpa Glasses

Who said Gramps doesn’t have any style? Throwback every day on Snapchat with this clear aviator filter.

10. Holiday Filters

Can’t the holiday spirit remain all year long? We’re still listening to Christmas music over here.

11. Contoured Pig

Our contour never made us swoon—or should we say “swine”—more.

Although Snapchat filters get recycled and replaced, we’ll always remember you, 2017 filters! Thank you for making us picture-perfect––but most of all, thank you for making us laugh. To 2018, we’ve got high expectations for you.

Ashley Ferris is an Entertainment Writer for Her Campus Media. Previously Her Campus Oregon chapter's Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief, she's a recent public relations graduate from the University of Oregon. In her free time, Ashley enjoys jamming out to country music, following the latest news on social media and drinking Starbucks coffee on the regular. She loves talking about "Friends" TV show, chocolate candies and anything related to Disney. You can follow her on Twitter @ashleybird17.
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