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How to Stay Connected to Your Hometown BFF

My two best friends from high school all went to the same college—I was flying solo to a school that gave me a scholarship. It was exciting to know I was headed off truly all on my own. I knew even then that it’s life’s uncomfortable moments that yield the most personal growth, but I also had serious FOMO. I was terrified that my two high school friends would grow closer in my absence and that I’d lose them forever. Spoiler alert: it’s been two years post-grad and the three of us are still best friends today (we’re closer than ever, actually). Why did this happen? Because we took time regularly to invest in each other—even when we were hours apart. Here, my tips for growing even closer to your hometown BFF even when you’re miles apart. 

1. Chat organically on Xbox Live when you play your Xbox One S All Digital Edition

Sometimes those catch-up phone calls that are literally just to catch-up can feel a *little* forced (so, how was your day? ). Instead, play Xbox Live together. Chat through your headsets while you’re choosing from one of the 100+ games available for download via Xbox Game Pass (then let the real fun begin when you start playing together…or against each other).  Gaming really becomes a bonding experience because you’re actually doing something together—when you can see and react to the same moment in the game at the same time.

“My best friend was skeptical when I told her that playing Xbox would be the best way to stay in touch from our distant college towns, but now it’s our favorite way to connect.” –Angela, Sophomore, University of Connecticut.”

2. Stream together your favorite movies and TV shows from high school at the exact same time

My favorite memories from high school are watching late-night movies and TV at sleepovers with my two BFF’s. That doesn’t have to stop once you go to college. Our freshman year, my friends and I would start a movie at the exact same time from our respective dorm rooms so it felt like we were still watching together. And a little pro tip: play a movie directly from your favorite streaming app on your Xbox One S All Digital Edition once you finish a game.

3. Always have a plan for when you’ll see each other next

Nothing makes you feel distanced from your friends like not knowing when you’ll see them again. Always have a plan in place for the next time one of you will visit the other’s campus. Even if it’s months into the future, it gives you something to look forward to together.

“I just moved into my freshman dorm and my entire hall went crazy when they found out I have the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. I’ve already made so many new friends just by playing in our common area and having a spare controller on hand.”-Alexa, Freshman, George Mason University 

For more ways to make the most of college and navigate your campus social scene, head to our back to college Social Life guide, and shop the Xbox One S All Digital Edition here, Xbox Live Gold here, and Xbox Game Pass here.

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Holly Rhue

George Mason University

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