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How to Find Your Personalized College Packing List

Heading off to college is one of the most exciting milestones ever, and preparing for move-in day makes everything feel super real. However, packing for college can also feel super overwhelming for many college-bound students — after all, there is so much to consider! You might be thinking: What should I buy? Will I forget something important?!

Fortunately, you’ll feel prepared for move-in day with College CheckLists, a helpful tool that helps you keep track of everything you need for your specific college! It offers convenient one-click shopping, and you can even share your college’s list with your roomies to make sure you have everything you need for your shared space. Find your university’s checklist below: 

If you’re looking for a helpful way to keep track of everything you need for college, look no further than College CheckLists. You can easily find your college’s list of everything you need to buy and bring on move-in day — plus, you can track what you have, what you still need to get, and even what you hope relatives will buy for you. And, the platform makes the shopping part so easy — it’s just a few clicks from the list to checkout! 

You deserve to enjoy college move-in day and the excitement it brings, so make sure you’re prepared with College CheckLists. Get ready to have an awesome college experience. You got this! 

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