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Apply ASAP: Does Your Name Include a Planet? Hotels.com Will Give You a $250 Credit, if So!

Are you an avid traveler who’s had enough of earthly destinations? A Wall-E lover who’s secretly always wanted to step foot on the Axiom? Well, buckle-up, because Hotels.com wants to send YOU to space. The hotel-booking site is prepared to fund 20 lucky winners with $250 vouchers to be used at their all-new futuristic space hotel. As stated on the hotel’s website, Hotels.com aims to be “the first online travel site to offer future hotel bookings in space,” and it seems to me like they’re well on their way.

Although this space hotel may still be ~under construction~, onesmallstepforhotels.com hasn’t skimped on the details. A trip through their website rewards readers with images of a futuristic getaway where luxury meets space. With state-of-the-art facilities like intergalactic room service, a supernova wakeup call and a meteor minibar, your room at this space hotel will be furnished to the nines with decor reminiscent of the Jetsons. And to add to the comfort of your stay, Hotels.com is providing guests with a Space Suit Robe and Moon Boot Slipper set to help you achieve a flawlessly-styled state of zen.


2020 made us push it. Swipe to check out our fully imagined hotel in space ?‍? You in?

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And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, this space hotel features the soon-to-be ‘it’ bar: O2, a zero-gravity space deck pool and bar where guests can snorkel among bright marine life while gazing at the stars. Woah. 

If you’re now hooked on the idea of a space hotel getaway, I have to warn you that there is a catch. Travelers are only eligible to enter these sweepstakes if their legal name includes at least one of the eight planets of our solar system. So if that applies to you – as it sadly does not to me – I suggest filling out this application before 7pm EST today, September 22, to get a head-start on your space hotel adventures. You can always use the $250 on an earth-based hotel in the meantime, because the voucher is thankfully applicable to stays on hotels.com, too.

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