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Homecoming season has arrived. From the football games and parades to the formals and alumni reunions, homecoming is a time of year that lots of college students and alumni look forward to. It’s a time to not only celebrate and have a good time as students soon prepare for midterms, but also a time to reunite with friends who have already graduated and show school spirit.

With all the homecoming festivities come endless Instagram posts from you friends and classmates documenting all the fun. Try scrolling through your feed during Homecoming Week without seeing numerous homecoming pictures flood in — you probably can’t. While you may have pictures that can serve as mementos, the hardest thing is now coming up with cute captions that truly capture your feelings, while remaining trendy and simplistic too. 

Suffering from Instagram caption writers’ block? Here are 46 Instagram Captions you can use as inspiration for all your hoco photo dumps, whether you’re a student or alum, went to the game or the dance, or just came for the food.

  1. “The girls are back in town!” 
  2. “Just hold on [your school name], I’m coming home.” 
  3. “Guess who’s back…” 
  4. “Came back home for homecoming.” 
  5. “Once a [your college’s mascot], always a [your college’s mascot].”
  6. “Touchdown!” 
  7. “I’m in my homecoming queen era!” 
  8. “Homecoming king and queen 2023!” 
  9. “Only came back for the food.” 
  10. “It feels good to be back.” 
  11. “It’s like I never left.” 
  12. “The gang’s all here.”
  13. “Homecoming: Senior Style.” (Or whatever your class year is!)
  14. “Back where it all began.” 
  15. “Reunited at last.” 
  16. “Go [your school’s mascot or team name]!”
  17. “Homecoming photo dump!” 
  18. “I hope Homecoming Week never ends.” 
  19. “Welcome to the homecoming parade.” 
  20. “Best parade of the year.”
  21. “Dancin’ the night away at homecoming!” 
  22. “Tell the world I’m coming home for homecoming.” 
  23. “Glad to be back for homecoming.” 
  24. “Homecoming: Graduate Student Edition!” 
  25. “Homecoming: Super Senior Edition!”
  26. “Back at my old stomping grounds.” 
  27. “It’s like [the year you graduated] all over again.”
  28. “Homecoming 2.0!” 
  29. “Said yes to the homecoming dress!” 
  30. “You can find me under the homecoming lights.” 
  31. “Meet me at homecoming!” 
  32. “Until next year…” 
  33. “Third time’s the charm at homecoming.” 
  34. “Feeling deja vu.” 
  35. “Homecoming Szn!”
  36. “Homecoming 2k23!”
  37. “It feels good to be home.”
  38. “Home sweet homecoming!”
  39. “Hoco 2023!” 
  40. “Take me back to homecoming!”
  41. “Bringing me back to the good ol’ days!” 
  42. “Homecoming is where the heart is!” 
  43. “#HomecomingQueen.”
  44. “Always and forever a [your school’s mascot]!” 
  45. “Long live Class of [your graduation year]!” 
  46. “Happy Hoco!”
Courtney Lemkin is a National Contributing Writer for Her Campus. She writes life and career content on the site including advice on academics and more. She is a recent graduate of St. John's University where she majored in communication arts and minored in English. During her time at St. John's, she was the vice president of the campus' multimedia organization and also has previous experience writing for College Magazine. She later became an editor, social media coordinator / newsletter editor, and eventually worked her way up to holding the position of editor in chief. In her free time, Courtney enjoys anything related to the arts and loves going to see Broadway plays.