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THE HC TEAM WEIGHS IN: Our Spring Break Plans

It’s crunch time for spring break! Whether you’ve booked something for the week off from classes or not, you’re probably eager to break away from the college routine. The collegiettes at Her Campus have some awesome plans for spring break we wanted to share with you — maybe you’ll get inspired for a last minute plan or Spring Break 2013.
And as always, let us know what YOU are doing for spring break by leaving a comment below.

Going to Puerto Rico with some girls in my sorority, and WHY NOT?! Sun, beach, warmth!
- Avery Lucas, Campus Correspondent, Elon
I am spending my first week of spring break in Jekyll Island, Georgia and the second week visiting a friend in Boston. I chose to do this for two reasons — one, this is my last spring break before I join the "real world" and two, there was just a blizzard in Maine. Who wouldn't want to escape to a Southern island?
- Kayla Riley, Contributing Writer, University of Maine
I'll be heading to The Big Apple (NYC) to visit friends, family and put in some serious R&R time.
- Arielle Morik, Campus Correspondent, Lawrence University

Sometimes, nothing's better than heading home. I always enjoy seeing my family and a bunch of my friends from home. Also, I love my bed at home and cannot wait to sleep in late every day!
- Kelsey Mulvey, Contributing Writer, Boston University

I'm going on an Alternative Spring Break trip to Nashville. During my freshman orientation, my group leader mentioned that her one regret was not getting involved in our school's ASB trips sooner. I learned from her mistake and made sure to get an early start on such a cool opportunity!
- Sydeny Nolan, Contributing Writer, University of Missouri-Columbia
I was just abroad for the fall semester, so I wasn't allowed to do anything too crazy.  Instead of an exotic trip with 500+ of my closest friends, I'm heading home for the beginning of break and then going to Miami for the last few days with my parents.  I'm looking forward to relaxing and hanging out with them.  Contrary to what a lot college kids think of their parents, I happen to think mine are pretty cool.
- Lauren Kaplan, Contributing Writer, Emory University
I am staying at school and working for half the week then going to my boyfriend's house for Easter. I am choosing to do this so I can make money for a trip this summer.
- Kati Garber, Campus Correspondent, Franklin College
I'm going home to Orlando for Spring Break to relax and rejuvenate! I have had a busy semester and I choose to get a peace of mind for a week.
- Itopia Mills, Campus Correspondent, Florida A&M
I'm spending about four days in NYC working on the job search (applications, meetings, etc.), then I'm coming back to school to attend our annual Women's Summit which I think will be a great opportunity to promote Her Campus and hopefully do some networking for my job search as well! Other than that, I plan to relax and work, so I can come back with MORE money after break, as opposed to LESS.
- Makena Sage, Campus Correspondent, Bryant University

We're going to Daytona Beach, Florida! I've always wanted to have the awesome spring break experience with friends, and now I finally will be!
- Laura Baugh, Campus Correspondent, Virginia Tech
I am going back home to Chicago! After being at school for so long in the suburbs, all I want is to be in the city...not to rest. I can think of no better way to take a break from school that to be out and about in a big city with ample time to shop, go to museums and new restaurants, and take advantage of the many activities that a big city has to offer.
- Simmone Seymour, Contributing Blogger, Tufts University

My best friend from home and I are going to Greece for a week to visit our friend that's studying abroad there. We both spent a few months living in Europe within the past year and are eager to get back! It was questionable whether we would still be able to go due to the riots in Athens, but our friend living there has assured us it's safe. I've never been to Greece and am SO excited to see all the history there. I think if anything, the rioting will make the experience even more interesting because we'll get to see democracy taking place where it began.
- Quinn Cohane, Digital Media Manager and Branch Manager, Bowdoin College
Working as press during SXSW for one of the magazines I write for.
- Kenyatta Giddings, Campus Correspondent, University of Texas at Austin

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