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HC Abroad: A Final Week in London

Happy Thursday Colleigettes!  Hope you’ve had a good week so far. Have you done anything fun to celebrate the upcoming holiday season? Decorate a Christmas tree? Hang lights from the walls in your dorm room? Attend any ugly Christmas sweater parties?
Unfortunately, I haven’t have a chance to take part in any traditional holiday events as I’ve been working on papers and problem sets that are due before I leave to go home to Connecticut this Saturday. Can you believe it’s already time for me to leave London? This term has flown by so fast I can hardly remember all of the amazing experiences I’ve had since arriving! I’m so excited to be coming back next semester! I can’t imagine how I would feel if I knew this was my last week in London …
Even though I’ve spent the majority of my time camped out in the library trying to crank out my last week’s worth of work, I did manage to sneak away for a few hours to roam the streets of London and grab a relaxing meal or two with my friends!
Until recently, I had never heard of Carnaby Street or any of the other hot spots in Soho, another one of London’s trendy neighborhoods. But after discovering the lively borough while walking around the city with my Mom, I can’t seem to get enough of it! Following a delicious lunch at Fleet River Bakery consisting of wild mushroom soup and vegetable pizza, my friends and I headed towards Carnaby Street to check out the holiday decorations and explore parts of the area we have yet to see.

(My friend, Katherine, and I shopping on Carnaby Street)

(Carnaby Street Christmas decorations)

After taking a few pictures alongside the lights, we went off to discover a Whole Foods that we never knew existed, a handful of vintage shops, and the most amazing Anthropolige in the entire world! It felt so nice to take a break from all of our schoolwork and spend time appreciating the beautiful city we’ve been fortunate enough to call home for the past 3 months. The day was such a success! I even managed to pick up a few gifts for my friends and family back home!

Later in the week, I caught up with a friend over a sushi dinner … I think I could eat spicy tuna rolls everyday for the rest of my life! Usually when I’m back at BC, I order in sushi from a place called Fins at least 1-2 times a week. While the tuna at this restaurant didn’t quite hold up to the tuna at Fins, it still managed to satisfy my craving!

(Sushi dinner … yum!)

Having already picked out the perfect gift for my Mom, I realized the other day that I still needed to find gifts for both my brother and my Dad. Being that both of them love tennis (love is an understatement for my Dad … he is OBSESSED with tennis), I figured I’d hop on the train to Wimbledon and pick out a few gifts. Unfortunately, I found the selection at the Wimbledon shop to be rather disappointing. You would think that one of the nicest tennis stadiums in the world would have a good selection of souvenirs for tourists to purchase … apparently not. Luckily, after searching through nearly every inch of the store, I was able to find two t-shirts that will do the trick! Even though the shop was somewhat of a bore, I really enjoyed having the chance to check out Wimbledon Village and the surrounding town!

(Fred Perry statue at Wimbledon)

That’s it for now Collegiettes! I look forward to updating you on my time at home next week as I rest up for the holidays and another fun-filled semester back here in London!! Have a great weekend!


P.S. Have you ever seen a tennis match played at Wimbeldon? If so, I’m super jealous!! 

Marissa Irwin is a junior in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College pursing a degree in Finance. Although born and raised in Branford, Connecticut, Marissa prefers the city lifestyle and is now living in Boston while interning for a fellow MassChallenge startup company, Day2Night Convertible Heels. When she isn't in class or at the office, Marissa can be found tweeting, blogging, or people watching at Starbucks. She's passionate about running, traveling, learning, and eating at every restaurant in town!
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