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9 Haunted Places To Visit On College Campuses

College campuses are haunted by many things, including mysteriously missing homework assignments, forgotten dining hall leftovers in the dorm mini fridge, and “U up?” texts that will never get a response. However, colleges from coast to coast have alleged hotbeds of paranormal activities. Have you seen a ghostly figure in the halls, felt a weird cold spot in the dark corner of the library, or heard a door creak open all by itself in the dorm? These schools definitely have these phenomena and much more that’ll send a chill down your spine. Do you think you’re brave enough to venture into the most haunted parts of your university town? These haunted places on college campuses are truly a sight to behold, especially if you’re obsessed with ghost stories and some fascinating history. 

So this year, maybe you can save your money on those tickets for a nearby walking ghost tour, skip the long lines at a local haunted house and hayride, and push back your paranormal movie marathon to check out these spots on a college campus near you. Get your ghost-hunting gear ready and check out a handful of the most haunted places on college campuses in the United States.


Ohio University, Wilson Hall

Ohio University, located in Athens, OH, is regularly cited as one of the most haunted campuses in the world. As the oldest higher education institution in the state founded in 1804, it’s no surprise there are a handful of spirits lurking around. One spot on the grounds is Wilson Hall, a dorm known for objects mysteriously moving and even flying off the wall, flickering lights, and other paranormal activities.

Room 428 remains closed in this dormitory as a student mysteriously died in the suite in the ’70s while practicing witchcraft and astral projection. Professional ghost hunters have even investigated the campus to check out various sights. In fact, Scariest Places On Earth visited OU’s Wilson Hall as well as the campus’ notorious abandoned mental asylum The Ridges.

Gettysburg College, Penn hall

This famous Civil War battlefield has attracted amateur and professional ghost hunters alike. The Battle Of Gettysburg resulted in the deaths of more than 50,000 people, and students on Gettysburg College’s campus have allegedly seen a fully functioning Civil War hospital in the basement of Penn Hall. This checks out, as the hall was built in 1832 and served as a hospital and morgue for soldiers in 1863. If you know anything about the Civil War, you’ll know that the operations happening on wounded soldiers were gruesome, including amputations. It’s safe to say that if there are ghosts in Penn Hall, they’re probably not having an awesome time.

Penn State University, SCHWAB Auditorium

This Penn State University auditorium is the place to be if you want to see jazz concerts, chamber ensembles, and myriad paranormal entities. Many university presidents don’t get to say they’re buried on the campus they served, but PSU’s seventh president George Atherton’s resting place is right in front of Schwab Auditorium.

The auditorium’s namesake, PSU Trustee Charles Schwab is also rumored to be wandering the halls of this building. Even Penn State’s Paranormal Research Society investigated the grounds and encountered unusual sights and footsteps. PSU students even have a cute name for these phenomena: “Schwaboo.”

Boston University, Kilachand Hall

Massachusetts is rife with historic haunts, and Boston University students living in Kilachand Hall say they encounter apparitions often. Established in 1923, this building initially served as an apartment complex and hotel for wealthy individuals including playwright Eugene O’Neill. The artist, who resided on the fourth floor, died in his sleep. Now, students who live on the fourth floor believe O’Neill’s presence still lingers through flickering lights, door knocks, and much more.

University of Notre Dame, Washington Hall

It is believed that Notre Dame football player George “The Gipper” Gipp haunts Washington Hall. According to reports, Gipp was locked out of his dorm, fell asleep on the fire escape, and died from pneumonia resulting from the severe cold weather. Those in the hall have reported flickering lights, doors opening and shutting on their own, paper rustling, hollow footsteps, and more.

If “The Gipper” is, in fact, lurking on campus still, it seems that he’s a friendly spirit with no ill intent. Even on his deathbed, he was a proud Notre Dame player. While Gipp is the most famous ghost here, he is believed to be one of many who walk the line between this world and the next in Washington Hall.

University of South Carolina, Longstreet theatre

Many Gamecocks attending the University of South Carolina have gotten the creeps from Longstreet Theatre. When you consider its history as a Confederate soldier hospital and morgue, it only makes sense that students feel cold spots, hear disembodied footsteps, spot mysterious figures, and the like. One theater teacher even noticed how objects seem to move overnight. Plus, students reported seeing a ghostly figure in a “flowing white shirt” wandering the theater at night.

Loyola University of New Orleans, Greenville Hall

New Orleans is known as one of the most haunted cities in the United States, so it’s no surprise that the Loyola University of New Orleans campus is home to many alleged spirits and apparitions. Greenville Hall has a whirlwind history, originally being used by Saint Mary’s Dominican College before it was absorbed by Loyola.

While the college was in operation, a pregnant nun hung herself from the dome on the roof. Students believe her spirit still resides within the walls of Greenville Hall. Loyola police officers have even grown accustomed to doing nightly rounds in the building where they hear footsteps, experience flickering lights, hear moving furniture, and more.

University of California at Berkeley, Faculty Club

The Faculty Club on UC Berkeley’s campus may still be the home of deceased history professor Henry Morse Stephens who passed in 1919. Having lived in room 219 for around two decades, it seems he got comfy, as reports indicate he still can be seen sitting in his chair. Faculty Club staff members have also experienced chills, flickering lights, eerie sounds, and much more.

Have any spooky occurrences that have happened on campus? Drop us a comment! We are so ready to hear ghost stories all spooky season-long.

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