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These Halloween Squishmallows Are Going In My Cart RN

The 2023 Halloween Squishmallows are here, and right on time so you can get cozy during Spooky Season. If you’re looking for a way to decorate your room for Halloween, Squishmallows offer the perfect blend of spooky and cute stuffed animals. Just imagine an adorable pumpkin bed throw, Jack Skellington cuddle buddy, or a skeleton dog travel companion. Many of these new plushies are currently on sale, and just waiting to be added to your collection! 

Squishmallows exploded in popularity since the company Jazwares launched the brand in 2017. This is thanks to Squishmallows’ growing presence on social media and its customer base of both kids and adults. People grow their personal collections over time, especially as new Squishmallow designs are released. While most Squishmallows sell for between $5 and $60, rarer designs can sell for $1,000+ on sites like eBay. The brand got so big that it recently became part of Warren Buffet’s portfolio. He’s one of the world’s biggest investors. 

The Halloween collection is sold with retailers like Amazon, and they tend to sell out quickly. Make sure to get your favorites now! Without further ado, here are the best Halloween Squishmallows to add to your collection this fall.

Otto the Grim Reaper ($27)

The Grim Reaper is no longer scary — just take a look at Otto and your heart will melt. 

Jack Skellington ($34)

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas are going to go wild. Not only does the Halloween collection feature Jack Skellington Squishmallows, but also Oogie Boogie, Zero the Dog, and Sally plushies to complete the squad. 

Gio the Gargoyle ($27)

Gio is not your average gargoyle — he’s extra cuddly and his next perch could be right on your couch!

Emily the Bat with Sparkles ($13)

Emily the Bat comes in both the plain and sparkly version. Sparkly Emily features shimmering ears, wings, and belly. She also gives her cuddle companions a little wink! 

Paige the Pumpkin ($20)

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin, and Paige is the perfect pumpkin in the patch. 

Scrapper the Skeleton Dog ($35)

Scrapper’s ears are reminiscent of a Jack Russell Terrier’s ears. He would make a great addition if you’re away at college and missing your own furry friend.

Mead the Apple Cider ($18)

You won’t need a cup of apple cider to keep warm when you have Mead around. He comes with a whipped foam top and cinnamon stick straw. He’s also a new release, so get Mead while you still can!

And if Squishmallows themselves aren’t enough to get you excited for Halloween, why not dress up as one yourself? That’s right — on the official Squishmallows site, you can now shop for Squishmallows costumes like Holly the Owl, Emily the Bat, and more. And if trick-or-treating is still your thing (or you’re taking out a younger sibling), you could grab a Squishmallows Treat Pail too, also in the shape of cute characters like Blaze the Monster and Stump the Skeleton Cat, among others. How’s that for some cozy, spooky fun?

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