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12 Necessities For Every Grad’s First Apartment

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As your grad moves up and on in the world, they’ll be packing up their childhood bedrooms and settling into their own homes for the first time. Here are 12 products to help them get started. 

A new mattress

Raise your hand if you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress since you were 12. Same, same. Graduating, moving out and moving on is an excellent time to upgrade, but the number of options available can be overwhelming. Do you get a traditional mattress? Memory foam? Sleep number? Ah! Who knows? Reader, I do. Layla Sleep offers two unique options: a flippable memory foam mattress with both a soft and firm side as well as a hybrid mattress, combinging memory foam with traditional springs. The queen sized hybrid mattress is on sale for $1499, and the memory foam mattress is on sale for $949.

Layla Sleep; shop now

A nice full length mirror

It’s time to trash that $5 mirror that sort of makes you feel like you’re at a funhouse — you know, the one with years worth of eyeliner smudges caked on that falls over with the slightest breeze. Upgrade to this sturdy number that says “I’m an adult now, thank you very much.” 

Ikea, $129; shop now

A grownup bedset

As with their mattress, how many college students have been sleeping under the same comforter since their high school days? This simple, organic bedspread is lightweight yet warm, and comes in multiple neutral colors that can be matched to almost any style. 

Under the Canopy, Bed Bath and Beyond, $76; shop now

A tool kit

Because everyone should be able to hang their own frames and fix their own loose hinges. 

Apollo, The Home Depot, $80; shop now

A fire/water resistant safe

Parents can’t hold onto all those important documents forever. Consider this to keep your grad’s social security card and birth certificate safe from disaster and theft, plus their passport, cash, car title and more.

SentrySafe, Walmart, $30; shop now

A really fancy candle

Because no one will ever buy this for themselves, this is the present every grad deserves. 

Diptyque, $98; shop now

A celebratory figurine

Celebrate this milestone with a 2021 figurine, so that they’ll always remember this special year.

Willow Creek Lane, $27; shop now

A Crock-Pot

For those long work weeks and lazy days, a Crock-Pot will do (almost) all of the cooking for you.

Crock-Pot, Bed Bath & Beyond, $60; shop now

A comforting blanket

Do any of us really need another throw blanket? Probably not, but how many can say they don’t need a blanket designed with a pocket to keep your feet warm? The PediPocket is luxuriously soft and comes in tons of colors. 

PediPocket, $60; shop now

A toaster oven 

When the microwave can’t get it right and the oven feels like overkill, a good toaster oven is a must for quick leftover warmups or the perfect grilled cheese. 

Black + Decker, The Home Depot, $35; shop now

A new towel set 

A new bathroom deserves a fresh set of towels to pull it together. Martex towels are 100 percent cotton, come in a variety of colors, and are oh-so-soft.

Martex, Bed Bath and Beyond, $32; shop now

Kitchen coordinates

Gone are the days of mismatched hand-me-downs from older siblings and already graduated friends. From trays to teapots to floor mats, it’s easy to mix and match kitchen necessities with a purpose! 

Flower Patch Collection, Molly Hatch; shop now

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